BSU coach James Whitford

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, December 6th

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Let's go to phone talk to the great James Woods birdies the head coach head basketball coach at Ball State University. Last night and absolutely terrific when coach congratulations. Yet banks and it was it was certainly if I'm right here in Monte. So let me ask you what you're on the bench and your within the final four minutes of that game and you know you've got a 5050 chance. Maybe at worst of what and that kind of game because you have a lead throughout. A good portion of that period of time. Argue. Do you engage all the little bit in clocked Watson and in doing the math and and in in starting to invest in whole or you just like dating coaching your guys. 0:2 o'clock any coach and I think when you have a big lead you could start our watch him but our lead was always. You know we led for thirty minutes in the game but it was always 34 by point so it was we were just going possession by possession trying to play well. What's the key to preparing your guys for game like that. I'll Alex. Trying to trying to help them understand it no different than any other game we played I don't think I did a good enough. Doubt it against betting Oregon and Oklahoma made it feel different playing it BCS school. And in other better than most of the teams that we play that's obvious but other that it basketball you know they they set a pick and roll where we help from blue to me shake off of here. And one of the things that are gonna put us in position to play well and don't make it different than that that was that was my approach in this game you know what I would the first it's. Eight is it is there a like kind of a chasm you have to bridge and had to make the kids believes. That they can walk into that place and walk out with a win. You know I think if there is some of that but I don't think it's anything I say you know they need to experience success. On the wrong you know we do as a team and we had some of that this year. You know we have. Play date and that date and for a 141000 people in and it had lost at the buzzer I wanted. Played a very good NCAA tournament Bucknell team on the road and you know lost that very very close games we played well enough that I think our guys were starting to believe but. You know not to the threshold would beat Notre Dame you know sometimes you just let the plane up and inexperience didn't and waited and I can help you with an actual. How happy are you obviously because last night your early early happy about how happy are you with the development of the program over the years you've been there. Why are out on the field certainly good about where we've come a long way in you know the exciting thing for me can. I feel it for a couple months away from playing our best basketball and we dealt with a lot of adversity this fall from injuries and a variety of different things and we just kind of now getting healthy and now. And I also feel like. But it words were orbit album that we can be we can remain good for the next couple years could could be really really good. So I think we're all optimistic about where we are by. What that means it. You know we got here by being very diligent and dated a crisis in the way we work at everything and that can't change or. You know all that all the talent all the promise in the world would have been real results. Is that the key coming off the game like last night worried dated top ten team at their place now you've got dealt a raise hell and tell praise sound not a sexy opponent. But mannered they're good they're undefeated at this point. They're very very good I'll watch them all day today they're very good very well coached this coastline that's a lot of credit. In watching them and how to get great size it's going to be a real test for us and no question. That into law today and now so hopefully they're soaking in the win but. Believe me about 1230 tomorrow we haven't put the page or going to be in trouble on Saturday because they're very very good day. Taylor persons hits the shot with one point seven seconds left. Right it is that a kid in whose hands you want the ball taken that shot and feeling good about himself than that moment. Yeah sure because it is their right to accurate clocks in areas because again he's being created. He can out over the past leads to argument itself. He's he's a very good the owners and when you beat somebody create something. In into the game you need because he can't run along plays that you shot because you really the issue with. You know force seconds left on the clock the last thing you want them to get a shot to. Yeah see you really need to play maker he's the right apple. Is that what you want later were you thinking hey let's attack the basket well where you think it. I want to get to the ram and I called the play that I thought would get arrested him with the Notre Dame credit they blew the play out we were kind of stuck in Taylor just made a plan on top of it if that's. That's so worked out and and we are fortunate and we were trying to get him going down hill that ram because at that point one think there was just as I able to three point. Talented players make coaches look Smart on that we didn't let that. Let's talk about the program in the macro you've done a great job of targeting kids and getting kids to come up to Muncie. Kids like Taj eighteen and Sean sellers from. Greenfield. Of course and it is that guns from Hamilton southeastern Jeremy Tyler. You'll work and play it looks like what you do it injured doing we talked about it in the past is your finding those guys in the state of Indiana they can flat out play. But maybe happen for whatever reason Pique the interest of of the bigger schools but can still play really well and you put the right kids together and he got some. It was unfortunately we've got. We've gotten a lot of good players and in fort at this corner to you know look pretty deep. Indeed that we get the morning guys sitting out AJ Walton and now park and he can become eligible next yourself. We have a great university a beautiful campus we have a great package to sell a great location I think all of that helped us with these they did you know certainly glad you're here. In a win like last night it's got to help with current recruits right. Yeah it is great publicity for sure so it's it's you probably know this but they're all over their phones and today we were all over their own so it. So was it good for us to get our name out there. Well and it's been terrific to watch on EST NN FS one and then you're on national radio shows. The call of the final shot over and over and over and over again for Ball State. Yeah it was amazing to me that then it I'm not attended all the media that these guys are but the number of text messages and emails and everything nickname that was clearly. Shot that was heard around country which is exciting. A win like that that has really got to help you and maybe you don't need this help. But it if there was any reason some may be. Not listen. Man now people are less than right there on campus all over the place they know Ball State basketball. Yeah an exciting day here and we athletic pursuit that matters when we got home a lot of people in the park while waiting excited about the big win. And now all of around town everywhere you go to their talking about the game. We need to because I'm a base Saturday we need great crowd and we say good good not only here this student didn't follow us but. We would love to get it. You know even bigger crowds couldn't go forward. And really nice semi desert home through January 6 archived it's nice. It's great because if you look at our November travel schedule it was ridiculous you how to get it put it together. December I I control the camera I'm not sure who's good at November but December is a great month for us because. We get casino revenue to the practice we don't bet didn't mean to really valuable time for us to get better. Let's go to other new guys who's ever really get the Mac. You know that it seems on paper it buffalo and western Michigan could mean they're very good ethical I was very good. You know but one of the things about the Mac has always been unpredictability of it is so much balance so. Those were the team's starting here that I think you would have expected in there'll be somebody else that emerges as the lead or central mentioned or somebody. I appreciated thanks so much for taking the time coach. Absolutely congratulations that's James whispered I love. Ball State basketball. And I think James would hurt is going about his business in exactly the right way in the thing that's been cool about James Wood for. It's didn't come in liked guns blazing and trying to by hook or by crook. Put together a roster that could win right away so he could bounce out of Muncie. He's put together program. Where the success at Ball State is gonna be repeat a bull and Ball State is creating a brand. In Indiana in the state of Indiana that's gonna be compelling to Indiana all star level kids. Who may be didn't get recruited. And as heavily as they might have liked by Indiana Purdue Butler Notre Dame. But they are still really really good big got great guard play. Op Ed up at Ball State and I think James went for it's been absolutely fantastic tit for that program. And I think they win the Mac I think they're gonna represent the Mac in the NCAA tournament. Last night I think not the tip of the iceberg because they're not gonna beat top ten teams. Regularly but man last night you got to see exactly how good Ball State could be and I think that the wade James what birds Donna makes that success absolutely repeatedly.