Bruiser Flint Talks Indiana Basketball

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, January 18th

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Economic and sterling show CBS sports 1430 tomorrow night day in East Lansing, Michigan Indiana Hoosiers gonna take on the Michigan State Spartans to talk about that came Telus the challenges of playing Michigan State and the recent three game winning streak to great bruiser Flint assistant coach of the hoosiers they don't coach broke records are. I'm doing great so what's the difference in the office after a three game winning streak as opposed after a loss or two there are. I guess is they've. It's like a more granular that is so little happier when that we're on the street all registry certain what and what he could order a little bit more Saturn offers. In a row it has lose that game plus is obvious for upper. Wherever you wherever you rip them off the floodlight on that dissenting about it and and the repression. Talking to bruiser Flint assistant coach for the Indiana Hoosiers there are at northwestern game. Seemed to be like from the outside looking in it looked like the guy is that through stretches of game. Kind of got it got what you guys who tried to teach them is that accurate. They go I think we be really focused goal really is two terms of defensively. It just seemed to have to prepare for and automatically blocks west there's. So was lucky we get stick to principles can be very disciplined will go what was going out there not more communication. As he kinkle releasing its product that really focused or won't he do. Entrance principles defensively and and it worked out force in the net and they've got a great job of not being in the right spots talking. Screens and in doing things of that nature so I think we've really got to focus score and that's my outlook because it's under. And then on the offensive end I let you guys had some possessions especially early in the second half there were really crisp imprecise. Guys act cutting at the right time working out ball screens. Exactly the way you guys dried up paid off offensively and as it kinda clicked. I'm about that I think we re edit McCain seventeen and Chris so what. I'm actually could still closed at meet the two shared the ball on the security and when continuing scared continue to do that talk about that all the time we had a lot of great. Now we call one term global patches where he took out my Spanish Japanese test to another cat had a better shot. So we continue to do that we could be a lot better T be out to be a lot better sense of but got to take tactically job sharing the ball and that's what we look to get access to. Michigan State's coming off the stretch where they've lost to a three the one game that they won was a four point win against. Rutgers would you rather catch a team like Michigan State kind of fat and happy having won five or six in a row or coming off a stretch where they've had a tough time. Well I. I think in order kick a little boost in 88 on the the pool earlier it is what is it about such stretch between two so gained cranking across a couple of but she looked into play in the top isn't going to happen at each and I hadn't beaten final inspection agency has some times. The little peninsula so. So you know he's gonna have those guys initially got their copper gained. Crack. It's big kind of fun to watch Justin Smith deuce and things right during like in the nonconference portion of the schedule he looked good against teams like Howard. And many started to kinda wander a little bit and India sat for a while and watched and then come back the last couple weeks. Maybe because a dry and Davis and his injury. It's been fun to watch him can't get it all of a sudden what's been the key to his development. Well just let things he's always been non kitten. Who's been ready when he you know these assessments of the stints in the world. But you know how harmed compact car just gives you put more experience topics. So you know substance little can work in the practical when he came back after the Christmas break. It was a little bit more focus of people don't realize that you know kids and your freshman can look tired mentally. Physically he looks physically burn earned capital it. So reaching back for Christmas guys got to play it back and look at. And the unfortunate because you can and I can't believe you actually step up and play little purple green if you black and cracked agency to eat as companies start to conduct a little bit more. It would get so excited to kidnap you know the product they have concocted. To order here. You know to win this is where it could implement the car I give them credit you know and when it does not call it pretty. And I guess that go to the time Christmas get in the bunkers more in its consulate that is definitely back on. Do you guys and it as his staff caddie give guys love and explain it to elements they're going through the process. Or is it important for them to come to confront that adversity on their own. You talked to could you actually see yeah I don't think they necessarily. Understand what happened and so so they don't understand that and so so so even though so he didn't get reporters and what can I ask dot two K so possible. More. Away from the court get more treatment could say that if it's going to come from high school. No more get more to trainer picky about eat better sleep more. You know in that you got to be up at bat first family composers got to balance school yet Adams traveled to bounce practiced. And they're each subsequently been so all of that comes into play when you're young player. Your assessment. Somewhat easier format that second year could be key to but you gotta remind us consulate is now high school. That the type prison he you have that never travel like this in school class. He got the best player out there and it further it's a different experience and president. But you know he's struck out a little bit. But couldn't get their bodies only on the court and I used to doing as a player. Maybe in the training room after Crozier. Just gates is expected to treating some bumps and bruises to me and I. So you be so that the trying to deal with him to do so packed epic. Talking bruiser fled assistant coach for the Indiana Hoosiers. Who's that guy that we don't see too much of its kind of an unheralded guy in practice. Who kind of sets a tone it does Indiana have a guy like that was kind of the guy that we don't know about who's having a positive impact. I think I think you're seeing that they are seniors and Veronica good job. Especially at this thing there in the so wink at a just think Colin. Honda don't agree job you know I'm hopeful. Particularly leave a little bit I think you have and his staff so that I had to kill each other out you know. Guess we get on the plane to play as well received to keep it they can coached. But I think Atkinson. And are more focus and a lot of that to the ground chrome the players. They allow more focus there about what the meaning of practice and who want to coached only. Do everything are compact illogical. To keep secrets it. To loosen the senior leadership not Mexican backup won't blinking. I think that seniors that really because. It's tough to learn how to be a leader in a day it's tough to kind of think you've gotten permission from the followers to go ahead and lead them. It too you know YouTube you have to upon people that. You know in other people will be different reason that the guy to talk it's just think bastions collider became initially. So it is a tough situation some practical active units which is it is practical would do with what they have to do. But he noted that sometimes the top sometimes got sent to calmer conference so that you could become the leader so. And that respect I think the attitude got a little bit but it was proud of rap charts coming out caucus don't say quite key. But he works extremely art school due to be a little bit more local college. Definitely in the open vocal but he's been heard so Lola but I think those guys really signal that this is on Glasgow where Obama. Probably depressed in the be caught before a little bit what I do feel comfortable that things go. What do you do with a kid like Dovonte green because he's obviously really really talent didn't he can create his own shot. But the ball on the bucket he's really good at that did the same time he'll make some decisions that are kind of outside the offense or not understand what you guys are trying to do on defense. How do you kind of moved him from where he is too where he needs to be and not shattered that kid's confidence. I'm a distinctive for a fair and other people relaxes tragically. Not a responsibility so that changes for so. We looked for that being a little bit more response and that is second there. College. And actually even just as that happens different. Experience going into the second year could be equally important market Brinkley as fresh. Yahoo! clearly all the sudden it goes on between stock units in the first year will be playing in person to have some responsibility. Aren't so he's trying to give just because he placements assessment bucks we'll keep the great panel indicated career yet I think he basically he is good players that are at hand. That can't you know in this this is different experience on the go to really play. What's your favorite part of being an inconsistent as opposed to being a head coach you're terrific head coach has amassed a and Drexel what it is there's some there's really funding about the in an assistant. That it. No it wouldn't go that its outlook on it is due to assist with outlook. I get a ground attack that's crap that's out. Now you know it coached into it being the key. They keep your money in AG. And I missed that part of it was to teaching part of a distant relationship so. You know do you think about it now. Archie he meets. Yeah this that and that includes Susan the silent. Coach which has been really good from the space since you know was it coach for such a long term so. I look like it's me. And do anything about it that you are at a packed into it and and I think that's it the most important thing being replicated and Keane and investigate. Would you during the year you sat. Well you know I love my thing is to our I think other public that we want to get to coach that was the big thing. I didn't have to come back to work but I blew up next thing I want to be I want to be a part of the game. And I knew about I ninety young pitching could try to play. An announcement hepatitis B and sister so. A couple of that would outlaw the order that thing that sentiment so important gold watched and I probably went to a twenty almost thirty. In BE. College cracks is. Just to see how people reducing it to of people you know are definitely people to say whether or not you know. Whether or not I was doing things they could correctly without a coach. So so little ranked Buick expenditure so a lot of people do a lot of things. Pretty much the same thing to do differently. So. And articulate their part of the American basketball. You know we know when it you know as a vehicle agency that would that would that say that it too is well because I do. Like it yeah opportunity you know when the ground saw something I would do it differently kick some things that people so. I just sat and learn you know to do their vehicle that Democrats are saying. And I think sometimes it'll have its Switzerland or apps on it. But it had to sit back and say okay. What can you oracle is. You really wanna continue to do this I think that was the biggest thing for me. And down and if you do what would you do differently and I found those types. The cool deal hit a 52 were right around the same page admitted cool deal sit to have kind of like if things happen to you where you've got to do a little bit of its respective thanking a little bit of a valuation. And you come out on the other end and you say you know what. I don't need to do this I want to do this that dead freezing up and does it make life a whole lot more fun. It doesn't make apple about what sort of beyond city I think create less than expect because a lot of people picked it up to. You know so. From the appeal say to battle it out that you had to go worked. And by the way is an assistant coach actually didn't. And it won't cut it coaching jobs. But that was like more about the little aptitude and so I know how to lessen that Hispanics in terms of they'll just take the year off a you don't have to Wear Ireland saying. My daughter actually was studying abroad and done and and it took over and over there hope out there for a little while you know that the sound you're at this and think about what it would do a lot of that. The opportunity to win here when you when you coaches. And that makes it fresh. Government got. I got my batteries going but you know I was happy it back. To back. And be an assistant coach you can delegate to the public is at an Indiana so happened that it listener and respect and that I. Thank you so much for taking the time I really appreciated thanks prisoner. Objects that can sterling show with the pacers. Portland tonight 10 o'clock fox sports Indiana will talk about it CBS sports. 1430.