Brittany Wagner from "Last Chance U"

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, August 15th

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If you haven't seen last change CU on Netflix you need to. Football is the backdrop wife is kind of the lesson. And we welcome to the show Brittany Wagner who is really the heart and soul of of last chance he's thanks so much for taking the time Brittany. And well and is so that the people add east Mississippi community college which is where you worked. Andy you counseled kids and and try to get these kids to sort of get their heads screwed on straight understand. That academics they weren't a chore. As much today as a pathway to success how do you take kids who have never understood that and get him to understand. Well I think in order Perry is bringing to get back at getting really anybody understand anything. Is. There a relationship. And you know I think that he had eaten the PP and without the currently. I don't buildings our building a relationship I felt comfortable being who they are. Meeting and whether the expectation of them coming and and they've been dominant they want. I just don't like it could be they are. You know I think get to celebrate small expectant. When you're dealing with it looked like that while the academic that the senate that the celebrated. And that a car and in the but a lot of them don't have been happening. And related. That I've. Here you connect them. I think that that nobody would it be it art. Tired of Britney Wagner from last chance to a terrific academic counselor on their program and really the heart of the show. In year is celebrate successes but I know you had to just. It is some of the failures had did just crush your spirit on a lot of levels how did you deal with kind of bad emotional upheaval where he had one kid. Who you know you're getting great success with and other kids he kind of looked into their eyes. And you know it's a tough putt. Yeah any in I mean he. And I went. Better I am not not a failure but I felt that baby. I think that Mercury they Amal. I hate it hate it a lot more personally I think it's gaining on. That. I can't think that everything that but at the personality conflict they're tiny they're separate issue maybe I have to believe me. That to connect with someone else. So I'm at at some point on the red when they're ready unpalatable and and and that the band let beat back a bit about the on the better at it it ears that you know. Eight at an apartment you maybe get a month at a cabinet and that. And I can't seem to help. You had such a positive attitude toward the kids send and the head coach at east Mississippi community college. Sometimes positive sometimes really not what kind of relationship. It seems like you kinda came toward these kids. At different levels what kind of relationship to DF with him. Are having an American problem at hand toward and yeah. Getting at him and think are pretty well together and I don't know what Ellie. And it only agreed on the way. I'm at a crack that we seek an end goal. I don't think it actor. Opening argument at at Al. All and I am a parent and they haven't hair related deal at all. It is date in my lane and and what we athlete yeah led I would pay you what you have a good. And I go to get it thinks about it and supporter and advocate apple just tried. It at him at all costs actually. Tired of Britney protect her from last chance here and I don't blame me. I would have done exactly the same thank. How did he know how did you figure out that this was something that you were going to be able to do exceptionally well and then pursue this is a career. That's ever figured out actually. And now is an out. I. Think that there. And you bet I did it again and not that there is something in me that had been in place. Yeah I mean that is really like calling in and yeah I don't think. Yeah and that there may be dealing. But I don't know that out. I only alcoholic it and yeah it happened didn't get it. Yeah I think looking out and eat. It would be a bit. Our content and he won't let me mentally and exactly how are hitting them. Yes that that I currently in what would it be doing it that. Did you deal of difficulty at some point like. I've Fermi I like to make things is efficient design can be. You know wind and not waste time and I like to learn from yesterday's said today's a little bit more productive. And in one of the things is on his watch a last chance you I thought about you. Is that it it must have been difficult to avoid the old horror of kind of pigeon holing kids immediately. Okay this is what I can invest in in this one I got a chance with them this is when I can't. It seems like you never gave up on anybody. I mean I'm not yeah I think there are certainly. At the moment where maybe. Would think. About current and it. Only a certain Atlantic battle and have always a bullet hole. In that book eat this numbers or maybe this. I think that. It is not stubborn and hard about it. It. Really lining up in batter has. Appointed and or that they want it. Are we ever get up on anybody's. Time to Britney Wagner the 1101000. Pencils and I didn't visit Brittany and and read her wisdom at a Britney Wagner dot com. Was there any thing like when the cameras were there these words these are very kind of personal moments a lot of time between you and the kids. Date in did that bother you at all four or were they so kind of could it faded into the background that you really didn't pay any attention to all. You say. And act so comfortable that I didn't. You know I did not think there I think Ali nude here at random but I don't care center it's better than your get comfortable. Yet. Just doing my job and it is early but I'd be going with the situation I think that we. A little less comfortable. Yeah I don't think Glenn pig in her moment for a ride. On the ball handling it. And they are really Taliban are struggling to really get personally Nina camera on and get back to back it made. Is it with these final product that you saw out was that a fair depiction of life it east Mississippi community college. I think definitely activated that secret out of a topic you know it was adamant that aids. Yeah I had that filming every day like that I don't how. We get together. And I would think. Ultimately I think overall I mean it is overwhelming me. And I did. Crack the top. Of them and upset because they did it and act out. What's been the coolest part of having that thing released. And become so popular. That's. Typical. Of me and into people there. People into. Eighteen here at how other people I think a lot of you know their summit K a medic petty well. And giving me an email from being in the east and story. You've seen it on every. Part of their yeah I'd do my part in the play are. Albert at a pop. The opportunity that it would be me the opportunity to travel all over the country be ten high school and college athletes all over the country. And a company in Delaware but actually by the country I mean that I'd ever aired. Indian well it would companies had. That is a cool a cool positive. And that's kind of weird right I mean here these knuckle heads with cameras are doing this they show and you think well maybe somebody you'll see it. Maybe know what he'll see and now it very yard everybody knows who Britney Wagner ends. Yeah I'm on it but that went. I. I'm Clinton and we. Had. Narrowed the you know how our company and comedy. Well. At that in its. Tell me about 101000 pencils what do you do and how do you do it what do you need. I need to any people okay. Basically. The other. And it. Hurt you meet Bibi as any at any level I'm. Working occurred at all. Can be hired back into that negotiators. On what exactly individually. They eat in italics. Dean. I mean just electric that you're required. In an initial. Admit that how it. And treatment it but again and the next couple let them near Erie and ready. Ready to be like that level. And people can do that by go to Brittany Wagner dot com and clicking contact me I would guess. They can't iron and a couple other part is listed on main that we hadn't been consulting a engaged opportunities. To take and click on that ever went into it and an economic let. Thank you so much for spending some time here very sweet and what what you did for those kids to date to east Mississippi. Community college I take is what. Like I I think that the people have watched it kind of feel about view in the way that you feel about the people who watched in that it was really nice to see somebody genuinely cares. And isn't trying to leverage these kids and their talents for their own benefit. But just trying to make him to get all my life for these guys a little bit better. Thank you thank you and I am really. Not. An educational and are at the end. Am I am grateful. But under the. Thank you Britney appreciate it. And that's Britney Wagner 101000 pencils. But you'll recognize her from last chance view at east Mississippi community college. Worst team academically meant toward. Hold teams fully kids and some kids took to it some kids didn't. But at no point is I watched east Mississippi community college. Was Brittany affected by the negativity. Or or kids making bad choices she was just all in trying to get all of them to the place that they wanted to be. What's your goal let's get busy at making that happen and a lot of the kids just had a really tough time. Trusting I think at first. And then many of them came around and and many of them have have found their way into a division one football program and hopefully they live. Successful lives and lives as mature adult. And it in part due to our Britney Wagner's work but it's it's really one of those things like to football part of the thanked the coach. I can't stay in the coach. Of that team I just think he is is wrong headed as you can be about college football and about young man. And then Brittany Wagner on the other side of the spectrum is about is good hearted. And Andrew represents. Everything good about upper education. And in Seoul yet and I can see how people would take the opposite. I did the coaches and if tummies those days out of his mind he says one thing dozen other ides I sound his his leadership to be entirely hypocritical. But he wants to win football games. Pretty Wagner. Wanted to win kids wanted to take kids who were troubled. And who had a checkered academic history sometimes it passed a checkered behavioral history. But have all detail in the world Anke gonna play in the NFL perhaps. And if she takes them and tries to bring some maturity and some trust and their lives and it was really really good I can't recommend that show highly enough. Really really good it's gonna aggravate you it's going to infuriate you it's going to inspire you. Absolutely wonderful depiction. An honest depiction. Of life and junior college and that just really really fascinating so.