Brian Snow on the latest college hoops scandal

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, September 26th

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We welcome to the show from Scott dot com the great Brian snow paid O'Brien. I'm dead cat I loved the debt outlook and your show opening one of the most are the people I've ever encountered. About all of us are in that we stopped keeping score cheating going to cut it might be done differently but cheating and change. Committed a guy's done it does go to federal prison because they cheated because. They're accepting money and because of the federal government is involved. And India weed out some of this nefarious this I think you wind up with a cleaner version. Other great game. You're very varied. And at the end of the day people want to win. And their vote they might do it different like it might tackle drew an agent anymore. It might tackle to a financial factor anymore in my girl fashion 1960 cash on the table take an elite. Did any of what was. Articulated. By the US attorney during their press conference did any of this surprise he'll. Now now. I mean. You know what there's there Chris we know what I'm going to be able crew separate. I think a lot of people get often in those two different things yeah the NCAA has no what legal ball. But it you'll have subpoena power you don't have the resources the FBI has he can't prove. So everybody home agents have been involved in financial advisors and a ball and sure countries have been involved. They would come in to what extent and how much. In any hope. It didn't happen you just couldn't. There are guys that there are guys who are you that we've always done they're not going to. There are guys who we've always suspected were involved in this kind of thing. And it looks like some of the trails may lead to error or at least to their basketball programs. But I would be very honest and blunt saying I don't care if you're an Indiana Purdue Butler Ohio State Xavier whatever every IUP a lot. Never assume that you know treating those. It very well could be your idol I don't know it mistreated. And I don't know every coach you'd ever cheated out I. I do not know. Know some surprises. Don't make don't make a function. You could look real. Well real well what we do know Brian is we know the guys who have done it before. And some of these roads appear to travel back to those individuals. I mean clearly I mean it doesn't take. Brilliant person to figure out there references to little old Bryant. Obviously local coach Rick I think. He had somewhat checkered past I don't think we're breaking ground sank. Like to think it is simply. Built for five schools mentioned right now that's going to come out over the next 306090 days however long the last. Is not eat it's incredibly nice and it could be your favorite schools out your neighbor's favorite school I don't know which going to be. Taco Bell and people today brought a shrug it quote I'll let you wrote an article without people. What. You know Rick I've I've been on the phone all day no one note that an aunt nobody. And that that's the big question right now. And I would be very uncomfortable from a fan assuming my health I know coach John. You don't know. In some of the guys it you know why I knew everybody goes. We always go back to John Wooden and Sam Gilbert right. And Britain did John Wooden no end and we still don't know whether John Wooden knew some people assumed that he did some people. Mittal will go to their graves absolutely certain that he didn't. And that stuff was happening fifty years ago so this this is gonna take a long time to shake out and there are going to be denials and there are going to be guys. Who grew up here under subpoena that name names and then they're gonna be guys who don't we're so do you think. I'm an you go back to the beginning of let's. That you believe. That in five years we're gonna be back in the same kind of atmosphere. Of on this Connie here here's a hundred grand and and a duffel bags you're gonna go to that school or your son's gonna go to that school. Andy's gonna Wear these shoes and he's consigned where that agent. Do you until we stop keeping score. There's going to be treated young cheaters will stay one step the hat that they're da. Like back in the 1916 PR secure store from the old. Tell me I got offered 50000 dollars and keep in mind it was in 1964. You know it took it to be done differently because. He got the money from the boot you put in duffel bag on the table he should take early on in home but you're really do it that way anymore you. Before today you would run it through agents and financial advisors because it cleaner. It doesn't come back to you was much like you to you know like it's. At the NCA couldn't go laughter the financial advisor technical after age they can't they take it backcourt trouble picking people back. You have to find a different way and that's what they did get what want this all blows over a little bit. And highly competitive highly charged man. In a cut out strong contact with each other trying to win and make a lot of money. Yet what if they feel they need to cheat they're gonna do. Some of them do some of them don't write I mean there are clear and guys. I told I would say they're printer could be one program. If the NCAA really came hard after 351 program they would have 351 programs that they can get some violation. Now they're different Bible to not every program is given that it would require about dollars go to school there. Sometimes it could be up a plane ticket to the NCAA tournament prepare an industry. Sometimes it can be get paid that at first apparent on the official that. Sometimes that could be yet you're broke you wrote them three days that you brought a letter predate your world uncle stopped. One has done something it's impossible. Do you think they're all right by legalizing the the behaviors that we noted date to be cheating. Or do you just continued to to bring down the swift and severe hammer of justices offered easy Cain. The entry into what you can do need the UK became a subpoena somebody canyon right. Certainly felt like. I've met with the NCAA they you know they are headquartered in Indianapolis. I know the guys like at about situation. That everybody at that table no cheating is going. How can and you must probe. A secret bank records. And then even then. Kept both adult. It's not that hard that second bag. And I won't try to back our children and. It'll be so much that can be done tribute to double leg your your your during a gun fight with. Would like not even out pocket. But how about this how about the NCAA doubly Signet tours. They get together as a result of this federal investigation where people are going to go to prison and college basketball programs. Are going to be forever and in X herbal the altered at least there arc of success. Maybe they get together and say OK it's time to put a stop all this stuff we're going to put into effect. And what we would call kind of a de facto words of fault. Subpoena power. Where is viewed don't tell the truth fully and transparently. Then you are banned forever. From being way out a coach with an NCAA member. I mean. Did they know what parity bill. I mean you know. With this. Week and Donnie can not ever gonna drop down. Blog know that that's an extreme example. Earl came back after whatever show cause he got an outline I don't know exactly Elvis specific for the Todd Bozeman situation. And he came back at Morgan State but in essence if you buy into that the only can get. And Kelvin seasons act as well right yet developed a lot I don't bleep out a light situation. That was a repeat offender situation which could be different lecture right. So do you that in for birdie on that but again. It's hard to prove if you can't. Have the old Richard spoke with a group someone. Brian how does say it because you know things and in not provable things I'm not asking did the name names and stuff. But does does cheating in a way. That it's described in the the paperwork that was released by the New York's southern districts. US attorney's office. Is that basically the way it goes down that shoe companies hey. And then agents are paying to get guys funneled toward their agency and this is all this is all fairly common practice. Yeah I mean I I think there's there's different again. Everyone kept contact. He beat is at its alleged error an alleged might not be the right word at leopard has. That Brian Owen Stanley got a 100000 dollars notable funnel by the right obviously at the assistant doing that and number eight ranked player in the country. Don't care. He's not making that school that are significantly he's not telling them parachute. So I think that does it Oprah plate now they're obviously. 58 and will hit the year. That the shoe company do other kind of influence on him what program money. In terms of financial byters an agent you know that it's because if you think about it. If you if you're an agent. You've got a kid who knows about trying a first round. You give that college culture level or dictated. Usually what you would do it with all predicated to a college that you have a relationship question party to become in your pain get out. And you send him to that school lets just say let's say I UP why you know I got really like Jason Gardner he can do a great job would you tend to value people. What you do that because you know back coached there is gonna protect them from other regions. Yeah it's fifty out now not quickly make it up 3%. Of their first and second contract. You make it out and old. Tech at 125 million dollar deal. Let fear that. Whatever like but it governor could pick out dollar roughly a 100000 dollars to protect. Me Blake. You're making it up so quickly on a 50000 dollars. Talking to Brian snow from scud attack Tom. I mean I'm sure my or an Adam okay you don't. You don't have any kind of relationship with a so so let's make this guy today. All right. You know it just some guy who is the director of global sports marketing for some shoe company. OK let's say that that guy has of the 351. College basketball programs he's got deals with let's say a hundred up. Just make it around number. Eight of debt dying. Is dirty with one program. Hand and it can kind of be extrapolated that he's thirty with others if that guy names names. Those shoe company. Deals schools are gonna have problems aren't that. Yet on. It would depend what he said how he says that. But yet I mean certainly we're we're talking to data recorder were talking to beat out there may also debated the gonna help out and actually killer. Can't mobile. Now Miami Indiana. Used to be Michigan go to the school but they have a big financial investment. You know I I think I think Bradley alternate vehicle they're not finally get the crap which is called what it. There's there's only. Pupil school they could talk it would Kim got a better realistically going to be. That the police helped Obama doesn't help me. It just means we can narrow it down to he could possibly implicated we got. And weekend we can draw a line between those debt. A data is error whenever the show covered because some of these schools that are associated with the assistant coaches those are Nike schools so there's a lot going on here. If we can say. Right when you look at book Richardson and Tony bland and you know LaMont Evans and those that sell or the financial advisor aspect where cac confusing is. All the information on the two separate situation cannot want. First cut it. Figure out at least initially. How the sultanate cents and then when the press conference came you could feel the two separate kind of deal. Have you talked to college coaches today among the thousand that you substantive. I got not only are they happy about this or they miserable about it. Our own I've won coach kept me I might be terrible at my job but at least I don't have to worry about that. I am a former coach to actually tell me that's what the greatest Davis like. I don't really know who that one might have been. I don't car at the end of the day. A lot of boom are worried because. I don't think a lot of coaches understand like the FBI had written to me that isn't to crackdown on cheating a couple at night and left about bet. It's about. Untaxed income and things of that nature. They don't care if you thought that players to add a plane ticket somewhere I don't care if you papers stacked. They just on its network they're trying to look into. So all lot of mobile worried because they know they don't think like that. But they don't want to but they don't realize the NT the end game I care to get got a guy looking at did you detect accurately doubt about did you find a new crops. This is about prosecuting men for committing crimes not to clean up college basketball. The FBI has no interest including a college basketball that is they. Could not Carol lack. They're not spending tax dollars to clean up college basketball. If you think you're right a routine school. God it went there because they promised as other sick like. Or road game during the year that school tackle get draw. Could it it's not where they're trying to send an investigator to spend twenty million hours. The Fy 2000 dollars and plane ticket to which the department paid onto the approach. Right it is it the company expects. However if OK. JK. Player beat 150000 dollar. And player beat parent and pay taxes on 950000 dollars stark. All right let me ask you about let me take it college basketball for a second and recruiting Eric Holder junior to Purdue what's Purdue yet. Are you a ticket not a good two guard can really score Erica good aptly. He's a good shooter he's got two Eagles drove the handle it physically stronger but Eric. Eric critiquing are both guard spot you you'd be solid player Purdue I think early on a struggle with the totality of the Big Ten but that's like Purdue appoint strict coach. They'll get and stronger and getting more physically ready and I think he grabbed a career Purdue. To. Brian snow is Scott dot com 811 question. That and I know it involves a certain amount of speculation. And mortar is certainly not meg came of speculating about legal proceedings. But is there any way that Rick Pitino survives to coach another game global. Inside the battle battle. Okay. I mean obviously I don't know with the ball proper consent of people I'm not gonna click inside information. Wouldn't you can then put both letter FBI next few Israeli cup. It's a typical especially when. Their target cloud hanging around do. At what point in time the people they're gonna say even if it's true that this just. And unlike some people around here including yourself I know a little torture Katrina. I don't. Ever done anything to you all are erections you can go to like a problem the man. And I keep saying that because there's no actually got me in a man losing his job I like. I have personal relationships some of these guys that are present right now elect. Don't make me feel good knowing like. Well they cheated and got caught another check you know like basketball gaelic you know let alone. No desire to seal the opportunity to search out but I think the reality is that can be really cut from keep. Thank you very much Brian I appreciated. And they are great Brian snow from Scott tack common let me be real clear I've nothing personal against Rick Pitino I just don't like chimps. That's it that's all I got against him is that he runs a basketball program. That oversaw the solicitation. Of prostitutes. To service recruits in the family members and I don't understand how that's not a big deal any university that purports itself. To be. A bastion of higher mark. Salt I don't I don't know against the man may in fact. Many people I've talked to. Absolutely love the guy and sees a ton of fun to be around and if you go to Aaron do you play golf with Rick Pitino down at Valhalla. You are going to have a hell of a good long time. And that's wonderful that's good. I don't like guys who've feathered their nest based upon the efforts of of young men that they prey upon I don't like.