Bracketologist Andy Bottoms

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, March 8th

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We'll find out from the great candy bottoms of assembly called icon. What that means any one of the great bracket college lists how do you do you put it in the bracket and the first of all I don't. Our great. Dee Dee you as you do your bracket county did try to project what the selection committee's gonna doer or you put in that. The 68 teams he's got to be in there. I mean that in the way we get by what we do it. It is the committee so I need that you are taking a lot but I'm not get a lot more sleep and we click that the film is just too much. It's of all the names not here SA. And their five seed what well. Will what do you think about Notre Dame did they need to win tonight against duke to get in. Think they do you mean have been releasing it until a lot like yes and there's just been tranda you know career Medicaid batteries wrote for the last four days. But the reality mean new pilot that the only incident you know lap but came close. If at some people would have you believe you can only slightly better at whatever at full strength. On the and they really don't it'll they had won it could be upstate in an in Maui invitational and others that they remarkable statement cost you. On the total. You know the other part of that argument is. You so after you do it if you wanna say what account a lawsuit against them and optical one articles about. Well didn't you really captors did to win the Internet and our friends so just over a lot of people are trying to cherry frequent and well I I don't need that. Tom you know outside of what result. It probably these days can be in terms of the albeit in there are. Error result to this point don't really show it so I think whenever you tonight. Certainly make second slot or mentioning that just evident that it would cut state land and I don't even into Syracuse to an out and slippers statement. You know pushing toward the Bible and any other other Catholic. Tired Andy bottoms out brackets colleges today and one of the best in the entire country of course we hear every week on assembly called radio. I'm new podcast. Airing tonight and then of course you'll hear assembly called radio rage here tomorrow night at 6 o'clock. Hub bub bub learned seat in all it is Butler a lock to get in or did they need to beat Seton Hall. I think there I think there and I believe that mr. nine. In my predictions day of my deal are some people and I think he wants a lot to see all these. Attorney team. I think they still say no matter what they've pushed a little bit portrait that ten maybe eleven other people do what the loss but. I'm. Interpreted. How about Oklahoma I don't understand how I take Oklahoma is now lost nine of their last eleven I don't have any idea whatsoever how these selection committee. Can be ambivalent at all about their candidacy I think they go below the line what do you think. I I have an and the hard part is again that go back through little bit of you know trying to do that the committee does say they will tell you do that things have changed it last year or get along Goss was probably longer they have not given it credit for that to. There's no wait until the last ten games. Which you did not used to be. If you take them at their word that's really true. Then you look down eighteen that got you know five look at top 25 wins. Six when the following you know quieter one and really only one Austria team that's not even in the conversation. On the blue grass state. So while I grew cute they're not play very well and and you know they need to find get nutrient can actually make open shots layups. I would have them and at that point and I think pretty sickly which. I think the size that it with the other people on the reality start to start looking and if you don't want them to be and green and put in instead of amateurs you know like like probably every years of somewhat uninspiring president later whether they were all. And that's that's part of playing in that. It's kind of like if you say somebody's and you gotta say somebody's out does he say somebody's idea to say somebody somebody better is and. Yeah well that's the thing every year you know you hear doctors Ers in the proper term that you apparently they believe that it expenditure like and I. And that yeah what's Sadler Brent like there's no it into being there's no way this team could be and we got to get to sixty at some pop up. I think they're I think there in you know how long they stay once they make internment and connecting them you know in Dayton in the first or adding that has live possibility. I'm just based on how to play but they did you think committee at their word that the you know the last ten don't mean more than first ten. Then you on that I feel okay about ormat. Bulls. I don't see them I don't see them get then have them out even after winning yesterday. They just had so many cracks that. Pat top teams and be able to be line and obviously the way that they lost. To Virginia couple weeks ago is was brutal. But at this point their. Oh and I don't know eight now maybe owed ten against you know look at top thirty teens on and they don't have any wind that a top fifty. I just. I just don't see that they're having bat that structure there anger had me in the administration would do but we also didn't really. Beat a lot of people yourself are are on ardently in India. Without articulate. What would've happened. This kind of a crazy question but it's Indiana could held on to beat Ohio State. It is vague kind of run the table at the end it'd won a couple of games in the big where they definitively now. When they lost to Illinois. This year but the question what year does. That feel like there's just reached Avaya. You are ready dips potato realize is that you know I would not answer the question about that now I. They had a lot I think that'll work if you you know you can. You can't overlook it eventually if you see it in her premiere and in yet they lost one thing but it also you could look back and say look at the first game of the season. You comment past that and then you got to weld Fort Wayne that becomes a little bit harder cannot blew up like that Illinois law. A little bit the same way and the problem was at that point is that I use. Like number still light I get cheap today of you know they really had beaten and they just didn't and get good quality and so. You know maybe if they had done that but it just would depend on yet today they played and I thought it was so long shot at that point but it. There was a chance but on had a lot of bad overcome but not a lot of get a resonate to start with and so say what we've won power games in the in the past week. Now would have been a little bit part are you ought to get it back. Teradata bottoms from assembly caller great that bracket to not good great you and you watch guys on TV if you want dandy. Consistently bright you consistently ranked higher than those GA news. Yeah that has been that adventure for the most part certainly in the way the bracket major strength is it. Or that employers that would that would definitely be richer. You once. I've got I think Virginia is very much a lock at this point Villanova in big here. On I think neighbors and in pretty good shape maybe they lose tomorrow whoever won that and it went in the Providence sparks game. I'll do know is prepared we're having beaten David let me Villanova went they're pretty say it really comes down. So I don't permit which in this nuke I'm content in there right now splat but other beaten Oklahoma State for the first time this year. You look at the kooky India and the big talk turned itself I've got them right now but it figured you know run the table and agencies can easily see them. Opened in their but I don't know of anybody else can really. You know LeapFrog it is really in the conversation produce the next impacts on the Veba so obviously they're not plan. Not packed schedule a little bit gap between amateur teams at work you know immediately after that like you know an alternate and North Carolina. Since it and I like that so I think it will probably come out of those five to build a bigger interest gave. And then like you said urges it to. Yeah I got them pretty firmly there are trying to hard to believe that not it would be proud of depression to a tree line and and it certainly part of it moved up there at one time I went to Michigan and Michigan State is threes. I've got both. No matter mission statements super interesting because if you you know buy into the you know some of the big favorite really well kept calm everything about it says they should be you know wanting your genes and then you look at who they've actually beaten. And they beat North Carolina and Purdue and that's pretty much it. So that's where becomes look hard at it policy committee values but what you think they are in fact battle walked anybody. I'm so they're on I can be can be wrong on but I you know maybe there's that erecting decreased more likely and in Michigan history as well. On their vote out side by side to me and and corporate commission meet machines they've got to play itself. On that open at the end of the day even though they have you know a lot of what you say I should say. And I ask you this question in my son to me is I didn't Maria oil. Op and that's about it so right now are the kind of what. A missing. Florida and the total to maybe take just you know haven't but I'm not sure that they get a lot higher but. I guess Linda BA ape. Popular 125 upset at stake. They want a failure they played in our state. I've heard numbers like that Israel fired range I think you probably get a lot of fuel oil. About Kentucky is Kentucky fluid based upon what they do in the SEC tournament. Had a architectural we're Redman yeah you look at the quarter system they've got. You know the three and nine million in under armed they're nine and want to get our energy that he had the update you know the FBC has. You know locking it re games and followed that that middle tier so I think they've got a chance. I think it got them is my first six straight now on so I think they've got a way to play it it typically the way after the five. I'm I don't know that they get into the top floor and I don't know that day and that much lower than six the most negatively battered their first game. Not yet he's he's got a budget and from that they're the hardest part of the bracket this year in the middle and actual that the Indians this sport. Thank you very much any great stuff. I think America absolutely degrading and bottoms from assembly called radio and assembly called icon they've got new podcast going up tonight. And then tomorrow night 6 o'clock you'll hear assembly called radio right here on CBS sports 1430.