Bob Kravitz from the Super Bowl

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, February 1st

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They don't Robert. I'm doing fabulous some going the speed limit budget I should tell you on the way back from Minneapolis I hope your client to me. I am line is I'm treating not treating I'd thirty not like the auto bosses. Tap tap a good free open. I'm an eight what's different about Minneapolis from Indianapolis. This Super Bowl being there compared to what we had here. Well you know where credit is. You know. Most of the action is downtown. You know there Nikola mall area is very much like George street was. Or are the differences. Backed. The media is staying at the Mall of America. Both teams are staying at the mall America all these are these are all America are so. If you want gorge Julius is that your sister ball. Are not mean downtown. Downtown top and it's critical down there. But. It's you know we you'll lies very convenient and I ever have to go outside. But you know really showed off downtown everybody else what various super ball well. And this Super Bowl. Most of the media anyway it is cold out. For the most part. At the Mall of America. On the suburbs. Wild and you are out there I'm doubt Al. Did we are saying about Josh McDaniels this weekend. And no I. You know let you know really get to know people say he's doing interviews with 34 your closest friends in the media. But at the same primarily since he's been humbled that he understands that he really screwed up pretty royalty in Denver. And that emotional intelligence and knowing how to deal with people is just as important if not as important as knowing how to beat the you know I hope we have Randy question. About his ability as an opt out of coach. And the more people like talk to the more acres marvel. The speed with which is why it works offensively. I think you learn that he's got a lesson. That he doesn't have all the answers and then he's just got to get better people person. If you could beer really effective echo. Let me ask you a little bit about life for talking to the great Bob Kravitz from WT HR dot com I believe Bankrate it whatever your thoughts are feels free to share. That is thirty year old believes that he or she is defined by what they know a forty year old or a fifty year old. Believes that there are defined by what they've yet to learn does that make sense. Yes absolutely and yeah yeah when your thirty years all at Howell. You know luckily took over the road very very excuse me it's very very. You don't know you don't know. At that age you think you have all the answers. And you don't and I think it would you get older you realize that you're not finished product and you'll never be finished product. You can always learn and I liked the fact that it threes and why several weeks before. The colts centered in on him like I've bought the use the most. Intriguing all coaching candidates. Because he's been heroic. And even know what successful and here. I think you learn a lot of valuable lesson and I you know we talked a lot about you know. Being more like Bill Belichick in the sense that. Bill knows what to make Iran until it knows when to come down hard and strangely enough Bill Belichick not want to color. With a softer touch which I didn't know he but. You know what certain guys in certain situations. Can be very thoughtful and very comforting so. All I think he understands that you can't bring the whip all the time. If there's any chance this is bill Belichick's last game for the patriots. Absolutely not. I think he's still haven't too much on. And he saw that number twelve. I think I think it on the walls that surround that alone Bill Belichick will stick around and maybe even after that just to Peru. Maybe consultants of the rest so weak and you know at a place consultant history as a guy. We not only wanted to ridiculously high level but maybe that he can do it. What Tom Brady so no I don't think that this is the end of it the reign of bulk well coach. Did we learn anything this week from Tom Brady's comments about Tom house who's gonna wipe who's gonna work with Andrew Luck today Andrew Luck supposed to start throwing. Tom house is 68 year old former gay guy a bullpen stellar guy in Major League Baseball. Was an bursting pitching coach the pitching coach fur Nolan Ryan I read his book that he wrote with no print. The Nolan Ryan. Pitching Bible really really interesting stuff on it and I loved it. But do we do we know anything about Andrew Luck. Well. Taylor what we are we from operating in Jason spoke asking that question. Is that you know he'll go back to the the basics. A throwing. And I think they need to re build its ability to throw and you know he's the bio mechanical I had a guy hand passes the other guy though I think it last night. So I think they're gonna go back to basics and serve read bill. And I think he's sort of rebuilt his arm and his shoulder now we need to re learn how to pro football. What do we think of what we got to look at next I know we've got the Josh McDaniels press conference next week I would assume everybody is assuming. That we're gonna have free agency the draft all of that stopped by edit it. What do we need to look at moving forward in order to assess what kind of a team the colts are gonna have. Let's see what he does in terms of artists that. You know some pieces their place. Obviously. Most of them are not at peace. You know commercially. All I honestly don't know much of anything about it eager for us or the other guy hired. On you know are also certain research and those guys once they get in here. But you know bad end of its interest Ballard since then you know free agency that he what he does. About keeping keeping them free agent. Most especially yet Adam Vinatieri. Who has not heard yet. From from the colts but it's so very very early in the process. All right if they bit you know created he's going to be used at bank you know they got eighty million dollars on the play where. You know he talks a lot about building from within. And during a category of Bill Polian did it at the same time they need to. Also spot but they in free agency because. And alignment tickle talk. I didn't. Tore up the stop the Lotto reagents. And and you know Benny goes it sucked out. Frankly I don't see how they don't take chill out a lot they yeah they make a major deal. I don't I'll be curious to see what Barkley run. At the com buying you know be run some ungodly number four point 24 or something crazy. Maybe they considerate but oil and it's art so art used at this point against Bradley Chela or on their. All right as you is he continued to bomb it through Wisconsin I want you to see over one of those prizes at over one of those rises you can't get some air in that WT HR. News mobile. Umbrella there you want he want get some air out while I want all of burials all four wheels a got to be off the ground that one spot. Okay I'll get right on Aaron not an artist would for state troopers and show my so what I got told deported on chuckle often stamp. REIT can afford it. Thanks but I'm I appreciate her very this air travels. Bob Bob Kravitz on his way back to Indianapolis from the Twin Cities where he's been covering all the Super Bowl media hub Bob.