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Thursday, February 22nd

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So it seems like there's very often but we've got special guest tonight ounce from assembly hall. I'm common done. Assembly called radio it's great Jerry Morris how you doing Gerri I'm doing very well Bryan Phillips had a regional and lovely yeah we're just not the great weather for yeah yeah you're always wanted to about the weather in central Indiana. It. So today is a tenth anniversary of the forced resignation of Kelvin Sampson. You walk me through you guys individually or or together unwritten rule where worry do what we do what were your thoughts going through that process 'cause you guys at that point. Had a regulated out of Indiana cracked yeah I was I was working at the EU. Columbus republic. In Columbus Indiana. Doing it. I I I was reporting on on that happening I wasn't guy he beat guy but that I lived in Bloomington and so they sent me over and they were negotiating I guess the buyout in we sat in. Memorial stadium in a press room. There with the all the beat writers I think pap forty was there you know like everybody from the region was there is such a big deal. We set the for about six hours because they were still negotiating a buyout they told us get here now get here now gay here now. And we got there and there's just nothing it was dead in the other and reroute locked in that room not finding any Wi-Fi it was terrible you know it was it was just. And so it was unfolding as we were stuck there so. I remember a lot of positive and he went delta so tired people were really excited just for a new chapter and Indian basket and just how that ended. Was so shocking to everybody and and just it I mean it was the perfect. I guess recipe for for what Indiana basketball had become. Over that past about ten years was just sitting in a room where nobody was telling us anything and just it was dragging on and dragging it out an awful and horrible and just. You know not having any information about what was going on and essentially. Understanding that the basketball program was crumbling from within and falling apart it was it was a crazy day for me I don't know which aired while. And queen was so mad about it was after so many seasons are things it just seemed to steadily go down since the 2002 run. That season the when there was so much hope going into it and that team was so good more than 171 at one point after they beat Michigan State DJ YE each area I mean you get what do tandem and then it just. Just does the city will get a road yeah I mean it was just I was doing Indianapolis at the time and just. Kind of watching from afar with just that it just in disbelief that this was happening again has like been just as all of our hopes got right back up. Here we go right back down again you know it took me back to the date two years prior. When not I'm in a meeting at Ennis and one of the higher ups not Greenspan but his lieutenant was in our conference room. And he walked up to me and said hey we got our god it was the day that they hired Kelvin Sampson and I was all excited sent home would you get. Any kind of like it did to sort of does silent drum roll like Kelvin. Sampson. And I think all the blood drained from my head because I knew is about to be fired in Oklahoma I was like what are you dig what. How could be that inept and it tried Dick kind of force a smiled at wound up looking more like a squiggly cartoon smile. And if you knew what the outcome was gonna be is just a matter of one. I was working at the Indian hills student when he got tired and and you know I had to write about it and we were told by everybody we talked to. You know what this Oklahoma playing it was his assistants it was a mix up they were tracking things in the media keyboard given responsibilities it was not him. And we were sold that bill did and so was everybody Indiana as well and good but there were people hiding Indiana in the higher ups and I know people love to a rip mr. Greenspan but there were people. Around him and I don't know if him exactly but yeah who held it up fog who did not want to hire Kelvin Sampson anyway calls had a Herbert does it done resulted fog and then Intel emerges always been done Adam Herbert step one in Kelvin. Yeah and that was. That was well. We heard as well at the time and in we had some really good reporters were ingenious and daily student who have gone to great things at that time Eamon Brennan was one of news or sports editor at that point. He did great work with the subpoenas under its stuff the athletic. We we just that we have some great staff members that point myself included of course well I am look. Thought Africa but you know and and there was a lot going on that day and and we found a lot out you know sort of as the hiring unfolded. And then you know it's a two years later be out. You know intended to be sitting in that conference room and in just bleeding and realizing that. You know about their I was a reporter so I was trying to be very impartial about it but that India bass well so my love being a being EIU alarm and just. Listening you know understanding and it's it's all gonna go away you know there is gonna because we knew the program at that point we knew the programs can be crushed. Because they were warned when they hired Kelvin Sampson. Keep history. We were talking about the staff. At Indiana as it exists now with that as chilling junior and how much respect. And we all have a lot of people have threatened and showing showing junior. And Kelvin hired a dying to be a part of his staff named Robson under a half. And rob was a guy used in the system for Jim Christian at Kent State is Kent State was recruiting my son. So we went Kent State on an unofficial visit. In rob send Roth gave us a tour of the campus at Kent State and he kept getting lost in parking lots. And and really read praise like tough. I don't know isn't a man for a but added I don't know how to get out of here. And it's always got a lot of time in the parking lots at Penn State and then we're sitting in with Jim Christian he's so what did you think of the campus at Columbia funny guy. And I said I thought you guys have is some of the most attractive parking lot I've ever seen icons to the front rob. And senator off looked at me like if looks could kill I'd have been dead. And so when Sampson hired rob I was like holy god. Like what are we doing and we we just hired a guy who is incompetent. And a middle of the road Mac school to be one of the lead assistants at Indiana this is a train wreck and it wasn't. Yeah I do was I mean there and you know that whole staff was kind of a mess you know talent towel and Ed and I met ray Mattel several times I covered his son when he played at Wilmington north giant and but he seemed like you. You know and not just. They NCAA violations by the way the kids were an and how they were acting off the court. I am guilty by association I mean he's just a war. You know if you were around for that and and so you know nobody escapes the blame and in my opinion although I do think its interest in the NCAA is. Or I mean in a suit but the media has really got a long way to try and rehab Kelvin Santa's image with what he's doing it used. Him well and coming Kelvin Sampson. Was a good basketball coach yes like on the feel worse yet the the way that the team away games and then you know we were all talking about you know sometimes Indiana fans we have a bit of good you know we want our Kate who won needed to mentality who we wanna win. We also kind of wanna win a certain way it was certain types of guys playing at a certain way. I'm just kind of based on what a lot of us are used to you know from the past and that's the thing with Kelvin. Is that he was probably get a win at Indiana kind of showed that but it yo long term it. It was good that it ended early. Too we can move past it obviously not to you know detonating it to the level that did. But it was never really the right long term fit I think that's the problem Indiana's made with the last three hires prior to our chief. Is it's always seemed like kind of you know square peg in a round hole not quite the right fit to work long term adding that's a hope everybody has for Archie is it scenes. More like the right fit you know just seems to fit better than Kelvin her around some guys don't succeed isn't it long term. Really seem like agree finish his school Rick Pitino. Yet here and a bright and a win at all costs. You know in India and act which says this he was on that staff took over is the interim guy for a while. And decided Indiana was gonna be Indiana. And didn't take any crap and lost the job because if if he would come in and kind of had just sort of let the guys beat the guys and then cleaned it up. Maybe things would have been different from for Dan it wasn't and he wind up getting run as well after his term it didn't it didn't end successfully. Because guys just kinda quit on him but three and four after going I think it was three you know after beaten Ohio State down there but. Our Jeff Meyer also on that staff could do now an assistant for for Butler. Broad daylight I was a bath water when dim like it's more or less if we if you still the coach and we were due. And try to did. Did isn't it isn't the biggest in the world the assembly can all I could throw this thing you know we ours is on Twitter they'll kill them randomly launching new attacks on terror I fell and eight years whatever it did I did a friend his for thirty years and I'm constantly pissed off that he doesn't attack make. Because I had to fire him. You know it generally wind up being exceptionally successful he throws and he your way where an outside wall here FF FF FFD. And in then moving out of that the hiring of Tom Green. Where things. And and people forget this a little bit days this revisionist history as as you were down there. And we were talking to Ryan Phillips and Jordan Morse from the assembly call. Also Ryan it does work for the big league dot com as well these guys in town they're gonna. Deep down and in Bloomington this weekend for the game tomorrow and then hosting some events. Or we can calm events it's just going to be you guys drink a beer with friends spreads out around flick and it doesn't matter what ethnic. So it'd the big screen era. Really began with the shelves not quite as empty as may be we were call there were guys who were there who left after cream being hard. Yeah I I think did those. Guys are gonna leave anyway I think it did there was a pretty. Stark culture change coming in and ever the Dow's there'll I was there day I was there the day they let go Sampson I was there the day they hired Korean and I mean by the way when the all time great press conferences ever was greens except it you know do you Wear a winning Prescott and I know I know he definitely what that was the championship press conference. And I remember just looking around the bruiser guys reais BN therein and sporting news and SI and everything in the world is looking each other she's giving that press covered slate. He's this is what he's built his entire life for like this is this is good enough to performance of a lifetime and everybody is kind of looking at each other. As he's giving that press conference with no prepared remarks Ernie used just off the cuff. And we're all looking around just like well you know like this is impressive and I I think did. That when Tom Green got there. And actually learned what the situation truly was underneath. Then all of those guys I think did did he was he knew it needed to be a fresh start and and maybe some guys could have been retained in reformed I guess but. It really seem like that situation was so toxic. There is no way they could just played out the string you know with some of those guys I think they had to go now there are some talented players who left and guys who went on to have nice college careers. Outside of Indiana a home. But I just think with how toxic everything was he had to blow that up and I was actually in Maui. Tom's first year at the Maui invitational. When that team was horrendous and you know what. It showed what Indiana fans can do you win me. Our understanding of the situation because every time out those kids got a standing ovation every time that a guy came off the floor there was a see any of these. They were getting crushed by thirty the night America officials are great right permit. And with great teams and media is just getting hammered out there. At every time out every time Cuba today it's every time eating happen every Tommy Kidd dove on the floor for a rebound went out of bounds. Those fans are giving standing ovation appreciating what they did and that's what I love about India is that they will give credit to bat. And then they were turned all the a 180 degrees and you'll become your worst enemy out there mind you I'm rural counties he's yet because a year later there are you talking about me firing good yeah. I think I know if he's really big guy I don't know what I'd go. And I say this about Tom crane who. There's a lot to criticize him for special over the final fears of his time in Indiana. But what he did rebuilding the culture to get to it to where it was for the 201112 seasons and in 201213. Seasons. Even if that meant putting the program back even further in the beginning. It's tough to impugn him for any of that because though the culture that he built with those players in what developed. Mean those two seasons are two of the most enjoyable seasons and Indiana basketball in the last 2530 years because that your team. Was so great in the culture he bills so great and that's. It to me that still the big like you know kind of what if slash WTF for Tom crane is he had it built at that point. And then just kind of let at a road for a lot of different reasons but. Mean you think about what he had for those two seasons in the kind of guy is the program was me do it really was. It really was special armed and so you know when you look back at what he did two totally clean house in the beginning. To me and in that case the ends kind of justify the means a little bit even if it took a little longer to get there there's what we had those two seasons was really really great. And then you're right though he didn't toss it away I mean he decided not to recruit culture but recruit to measure bulls so you wind up with a lot of mascara Correia. When you wind up with Peter jerk and you wind up with the Germany Hollowell. Players like that who came to Bloomington who were not altogether. Different. From the guy is who's Sampson brought in especially for that last year no I and that's I think a lot of coaches do get caught up with that they caught up in recruiting rankings it caught the measurable and innate. You know we all got caught up in that recruiting class you know to the moment now movement. And but it's a coach's job to see through what might give fans excited exactly what's best for the younger and to give talker credit there retires he ignored that went after guys he liked to you know I OG and Adobe. Doctoral depo I mean will cheat those guys. You know people that. Course he had mrs. when he did that as well with general managers fear players of all time Jeremiah April. But I'll while move your resolve and that's that that that's going back com. But all what I will say about Tom green's I think that it. It started to feel like towards the end of his tenure that he was not the guys in Guinea in Indiana to a certain point he was the guy that was can get you to the guy. They can get you. The championship you know not good they yell and then but that's that's how it felt it felt like he and he took the smoldering pile of rubble. Built it into a little town and outside for the got to build a new city. You know like it's time for the next got to come along and he was there a moment for you guys were talking to adjourn Morris from assembly called Ryan Phillips from assembly call on the big lead. Tom was there a moment when you're like a. Can you I'm done with Tom crane disc cannot move forward. That this program we we've seen the best he's under Tom crane they'll tell you. The first time it happened was the duke game in the 2016 season but only played at duke and just got obliterated. And I remember our post game email that day was this is unacceptable and it was really. You know one of the first times that we really weren't went hard at something is really wrong here and then of course we know what happened the rest of that season they turned around and played great. And almost kind of pulled you back in and and make you think OK you know maybe he figured out how to turn this around to you now will gig going. And then I think the next season that which obviously started out great with a win over Kansas and North Carolina. But then as you start to go through big table that was just lasts is just last seat right it's been so long but at let's say the game that I remember when we got on the post game show and we were just kind of flattered and didn't know what to say it was the home game against Michigan yep where they just obliterated us a look like we had no fight. Mean it just kind of felt like the game was over before it even started and and that. Can begin a series of post game shows that era ciphers talking about same stuff every single game it's the same issues nothing is getting fix that to me was really. When it was just over I know some people came to that realization a lot sooner and work. You know I guess quote unquote fooled by another Big Ten title you know and in 2016 but I we always tried to be really patient. And believe that a case he got us here in 2012 and 2013. Maybe he can do it again but at that point I just felt like it was the point of no return. Well I mean for God's sake Demi you guys who dissembling call you don't wannabes. You know does the masters of doom. You know every time you post to post game show I did it with a long ties an attack on my god hitch up your pants again Tom how is he can't go to that well to loft. No end and I will say that last year was the first time like I've always tried to Ted take a long view and I think guys have been pretty down on him for most of the most of that year after the North Carolina win. But. Touch still simply that was last year. Is it Dino it's because it felt like three seasons in one in every time as cheers at every toll on the post issue we are discussing the exact same things so won't point I just in the middle wish both sit. He doesn't talk about burritos like with the anything else that's like I do we really happy I know I know every UW's do we really have to do a show tonight you know I mean it was just. It became you know this is always fun for us in this young became work it really did and it was I wanted to turn the TV off and shut the Mike for off into a walk away and for the night you know and it was just very very different armor we got on there after the ninety game you know that they get where they'd refuse to have a home game a Witten got hammered. You know and I TN and I just remember thinking like. What is this program. You know there was no joy in the program on an joy is a fan as a mirror of what's you know what the players are showing you on the court and there was just a team that. Wasn't having any fun didn't have any belief. And that. At that point I didn't think there was really any hoped that it was gonna give better just elected Iran's course the last. That is I think who is. Oh who's that guy. And the guy who's played a province Stanford dropped its Rhode Island gas L Rhode Island right right right. So as Stanford Robinson I think as a freshman and Kenny Johnson was on a staff then. And the Big Ten tournament was here at bankers like fieldhouse and it's the only time that media gets to sit right behind the bench and I never really paid close attention. So what happened on the bench. And so in the middle the first game and they got they got beat this game it stand for Robinson and Kenny Johnson. Are yet and India happening at each other and then threat to gain. Like everybody Tim Buckley Steve Maclean all the guys on the bench in green were all yelling. Different directions. To players simultaneously. And it like I couldn't keep track what the hell these guys were Tyrod there's no way the players could. And whitbeck kind of cacophony in that disorganization. I thought there's no way that this program. Is gonna land on its feet which did it end is is this. It was as complicated. Not execute. What what they were trying to do on the floor is I think Tom green's mind is and that's why don't you Deco science yeah yeah. And another another moment I don't know man whose every kind of knew it was over it. So I don't know I don't know guys don't hop. It was like San Diego. After 77 degrees partly sunny was gorgeous. And then Ryan Phillips comes to town. And it all goes hand and it held a hand basket speed you come just as San Diego weather laughed it's it's all Apple's vision because. In San Diego's like fifty that they're so I was jealous of jas I don't guess I want that I come here and it was supposed to be nice this week and it's not what's going us. Archie Miller and in this his first season and and there's been definitive development the Nebraska game notwithstanding. What do you see as the arc of progression with his team run I think it's swinging free high I think that you. Have to recognize that. Eight people and I are split on this whether or not there's a lot of talent on this roster or not. Well what I would say is there's a lot of talented doesn't fit what Archie Miller is trying to yeah and so. That's weather's been such a long development curve with these guys because he's trying to break their. You don't break what they do. And and and get them into a new sort of system and what I look for is it would Archie Miller is always concern and an offensive and and you look at the defense and even games they've lost for the most part the defense has been pretty good number again Nebraska. And then that Iowa game sort of out the window. But for the most part this defense has really really improved from where was. A few months ago chaired Jersey numbers guy Alitalia but. It's it's it it is a serious upward trend and that's where it's all gonna start virtually that's his culture his culture is going to be built from the defensive end forward. And then I what I really like and have seen is that. This team has an idea what it wants to do offensively. Lleyton games I mean it's easy to perform well offensively. You know Ian. The middle of of the Big Ten game it's not easy to do it late when teams knuckle down defensively I've seen this team. Have some really good late possessions that we haven't seen over the last few years so. I I think the key is. I think he's building what he wants to bill is just taking a little bit longer this season that he wanted to. Chaired where do you think this program is dollars a gallon while I'm definitely encouraged by the progress. I think we all thought in the pre season that Indiana had a chance to be European fifth 67 place in the Big Ten and they're gonna end up in sixth or seventh the big nobody expected they tend to be as bad that no one expected to his bat and no one expected. May be the start of the season to be so bad I don't think anyone expected him velocity Indiana State to Fort Wayne in for it to maybe. Take quite as long and look quite as bad in the beginning as it did. But I think Archie has really done things turn around and and the biggest thing is if the biggest knock on Indiana's resume free term right now as we don't have any big winds. You know and that is obviously true and they do have some bad losses from the nonconference schedule. You look at the Big Ten schedule an Indiana for the most part has done a really good job of taking care of business. And that I think is actually an important step because this has been a program that has always seemed to have two or three just. Kind of toe stub losses you know. On the road to really bad opponent and you know you could obvious to say that the Illinois game was like that you know that's emission of lost because the free or shoot really just played well it was an L 990 and nine I was an Indiana mr. nothing there is all right very not you know it is no way that it took so I think for the most part you know they're taking care of business here you know later in the season against teams they should. And I think that is a sign of progress Tom and I think that's what we will see under Archie and as he gets. You know more talent and your point Ryan does a good one more town that fits what he wants to do. I think we will continue to see that growth so. An underrated aspect is getting guys who figure sister yeah book now just think it. I shouldn't be underrated it should be the whole thing yeah I told ball black died I think a lot of you'll think that high school players come in and they're just. They're just lumps of clay no they've developed in certain systems and played certain ways their whole life. And you have to mold them to your system it's easier when you can pick and choose the guys and and fit them in you know what their defense. I mean just look you know to the highest recruiting guys on this roster coming into the season or Curtis Jones and her on Davis. And Indiana started playing much better. When you know after Curtis announced he was gonna transfer him and Iran got hurt and that's not to say that the program is better long term without drawn Davis 'cause I don't think that's the case I think virtual find a way to working men. It was brought just easier to transition into what they were easy to do right and things have fit a little bit better but when you look at it I mean those were two of the reasons people work cited about Indiana maybe being able you know making NCAA tournament. Was does those two guys had a lot of talent but they didn't really fit Howard she wanted to play. You brought. Age you brownie you've phrased it this way in that basketball they've putting together rosters like a jigsaw puzzle it's not about stacking blocks of tale yeah. And you're exactly right it's kind of like eight Indiana with a guy like Curtis Jones was a little like the Washington Wizards would John Wall. It's preposterous to say that the wizards are better without John Wall. But there better without John Wall Giannone and play better without exactly what they how do people think it. And Tom crane not to bash Tom Green again. But Thomas always let's get the most talented the longest guys we can and will create an offensive kind of paradigm around them. Hand and that would get a lot of reflections on the defensive end. And basketball's more than that basketball is about fit nay it's about cohesion and if you don't coached and that if you don't recruit to that. He gonna have what Indiana McCain's. Yet during our talk about this earlier actually at launch in their two. Very underrated aspects of basketball that are very specific to basketball and I think that the chemistry is important in a lot of sports but. Basketball specifically chemistry is incredibly important out you know I A is on court and off court and I think staff chemistry. For the coaching staff so you mentioned earlier about Indiana not having unified message. You know wondered under Tom Green you saw yourself when you're sitting behind the bench. That is so important is everybody has a singular vision of what they want I mean there's there can be disagreements on a staff and that's a U hash things out and improve. But I think it. It's it's so important to have guys who were all on the same page. Because then that translates to the team committed team sees that he's old they're all thinking the same thing. We need to get on that same page and they do. One of the best decisions that Chris Coleman made as he made the jump from Boehlert Ohio State. Was in taking his entire staff he took those three assistants who all worked really well together at the family's love each other it's a very cohesive group. They walked into Columbus. And Kristen have to worry about any kind of backbiting or fiefdoms or anything else he knew that those were his guys there's really Smart move. You'll realize you Ryan tried to go to another post game should lead in half million Emma for San Diego jokes are ready to let him in Iraq to how much is the other prosecution gonna patent. A talking to Ryan Phillips and turn Morris from the assembly called they're going to be in Bloomington odd tomorrow night. As you stand Saturday. If I stay multiple Dalia I went on to go to the media school record an episode or podcast don't odds Saturday. Is it started doing this thing. It's nice Onassis that we kind of went back in traced the history of it you know back to the emails that we were sending. And we all we were writing for a cycle midwest sports fans back in the day which is kinda how I got into sports blogging in. You know Andy was doing some brackets Knology stuff. And we wanted to do and Indiana shown we kind of had this thought. That you know right after the games isn't there there's nothing he's kind of got all this excitement. And where do you go for more and like a place to kind of talk about IU basketball especially if you're like we were at the time. In a single guys you know kind of living alone. You know nothing else to do still singer got better. Canada. So we just you know we decided kind of on a whim to do a test you know and and India and I think did did the first episode I don't know brought UN. That's so what happened June you don't remember very well what happened was you any Indy we're going to do the first oh yes yes I guess right and if he couldn't do it's just too culminating couldn't do certain it and I I eight I eight Jared I knew each other through I was earning another cycle rumors and rants we're kinda we work done some work together. And Ira molecular if you do an Indiana show and you need somebody fill in at some points let me note is obvious I'll do it and he said will Indy can't do the first period so I practice what you hop on and so I did it end after the first studies like you know you need to be on every show now so concerned we altars are doing and that was what you was that. There's 201112. Seasons who's gonna sellers first game of very nice this time again you know and I think at that point you kinda had a hunch that the program was getting back to a place of excitement but no one. At that point you know thought that that team is going to be as good as they ended up being of course our first year they be can they had the Kentucky when he got Leo was used that and that kind of locked us into doing the show after that you know. So let me ask you this about traffic. Does the success of the team impact the traffic to your site yes. Now adversely well horror on on a micro level sometimes a really bad loss won't get tons of you know tons of traffic tons of listens because people want events yes right yeah but it's. A season like last year by the end of the year our numbers have dropped off a lot because I mean people want to listen about as much as we wanted to do the show you don't feel that Canada he's feeling yourself right and and so it EL SO and we've seen this year you know kind of the enthusiasm come back governance funny this year and I looked at the numbers. I mean the number we did a show after the Hoosier hysteria scrimmage. And it was actually one of the bigger shows that we've done all year because there was so much excitement people or ho yeah but then Indiana comes out and they get blasted by Indiana State. Being your struggle early and so it kind of started dropped off but then. It during this four game winning streak it it you know it's like it all kinda came back and people got excited again they just wanted more and that's a thing. You know we've learned about IU basketball fans and it's a thing that we love about IU basketball fans and it was our hunch is that. Indiana fans just want to talk about their team and they wanted just. Interact with their team and in this in many ways is they can during the season. And you know the bad that punch is kind of true entry could we built in order for there loyal audience with the with the assembly call. Hopefully Archie can keep you know keep things going to be much more pleasant experience for everybody. In recruiting is a huge part of that does the predictive journalism which is kind of a pain in the gas for some. And sort of it's kind of you know the milk diapers nation. Of media the united tire Wear is Romeo I can't walk down the street without people say where is probably are going to have any date no I don't know by the way Romeo Langford. Are fed and today New Albany high school Biden on McDonald's all American people. Some kind of award. And so it again and I get notes and hey use is Romeo come and Indiana this is really. It is this beyond. What existed. In you when people were talking about Cody Zeller coming Indiana or is this just on par with. Like it to me I think it's just continued to ask Jimmy because he you know when I was in high school or graduate school in 1998. And you know. We all pay attention to Kobe Bryant back then but he was the one Yoko bureau got tears forming. But he was like the one guy nationally you knew his eyes hopefully you hear about guys in a Stephon Marbury came along and we would we traveled to return to watch him play were a basketball player who traveled to turn it just watch him play. You know there there were guys who does names you which year. But now it's just I mean this is absurd you're having guys who were. The 350. Ranked football player doing half ceremony on ESP Ed you know I mean. Guys going to laying yeah I'm only now I will never hear all I got out boy it's a guy like Romeo you know especially the state like Indiana. You're getting it's gonna be huge but if you're right it has continued to ask leaked it I'm just warning there's a piece we're gonna hit we don't miss work goes back down. I don't know. It just keeps bill out when he announces I mean I know I mean with with players though are you know when I wrote it. Such a special case though because you know it's the state of Indiana I think part of what has kind of taken into overdrive is Indiana's now involved mean Romeo was a big deal before obviously. But Indiana wasn't really involved in the recruitment and now they are so I think that's taken it to the next level. He just has everything manes if you know of passing everybody on the list and you start bringing Damon Bailey into a conversation and when. A high school players mentioned in the same sentence is Damon Bailey in Indiana. Everybody takes notice you know and so that at that they're just so many elements of him that I think makes him really special. And I think people have gotten the sense that his senior season like. We may not see this again for awhile for another 2030 years like the Damon. So you know I've got to get out to see him and and T you know and look obviously any recruit at that level. Once Indiana's involve that's going to be just a huge sum of conversation try defense. He's one of the very few guys is of his type whose work let's. Yeah I mean your bike there and there's nothing news stupid about the kid did there's not Hillary I have but you know Cheri is this idea. There's nothing like that he's a good student great Katie sits for two hours after every game signs everything takes every cell fee. He's. He understands his or position yet and it in New Albany. You know people and Indianapolis we're really proud member of our high school basketball here. And it by the way were the home of the wrong Colin rebels listen tomorrow night Brian Colley. Taking on. In the opera buff braves for buff and Brian Colley fighting for that conference championship. You can hear that right here Rob Brown on the call at 730. Com but if you've got a city. And that loans. Like if I I went to high school there so if I go back down to New Albany. People don't well you gotta see this seventh grader it's scribner junior high. I just tells the matter with few people got your minds that this is this these are the conversations they haven't bars. I started hearing about Romeo when he is a seventh grader. You know. I mean that's India you know it is I mean you know their. What my favorite part of of seize on the brink. Was a win Bob Knight was being told about Damon Bailey when he was like six grade yeah something done and kept and then Bob hit the best part is Knight would go back in yellows team NC couldn't. It Damon Bailey is doing to do that better than year that was the best part of all of old bug I mean it's a great book but that's the best part of a whole bunch of disease and Damon Bailey is. You know sixth or seventh grader is there. And Damon are. Reminded him of that when he was Joan of him. Get real critics came before Damon graduated grid is set right behind the bench. I call Greg in call it when you're when he was in high school but this is an assembly hall of Damon was there. And after the game were there hanging out waiting for Dan and waiting for a guy named Jim Izard who is the women's basketball coach at the time. Jim. I do them and we need to. Is it talked about Jim Jim was an odd duck produce a really nice guy tell us. And after the game about a half hour after. Knight who was out on the court where it is armor and Damon. And they were laugh and again there and just having the best tyrants like dome and he's full of crap too thin and another like I came in better understand that when is he pledges Indiana. All their joking nonsense is just can't stop moving yeah I mean that's that's in Iowa as any heat can be very personable people in the near. Many he stepped on campus that water right out the window and hit an interesting guy do you think his legacy is more positive than negative and Indiana. Homeboy today yeah. It's I mean I just like get myself and how I view and I was our campus when he got fired you know and I mean it. Just the whole thing rocked my world because I grew up from Bloomington going to games and you look at him as almost like this figure more than a man right which is which is crazy but that that really is Hannah Howell was and I remember thinking it was so. Unjust and crazy would happen in this is the worst thing ever I reflect on that now. And how I would feel about it now and would IA. Want a coach who who did some of the things that he did do what I put up with them and I don't think that I would now found it what with that perspective and so that. Color some of how I think about that you know what he did Indiana but overall I mean as a coach. What he brought to Indiana was fantastic and what he he belted Indiana. But I think what has transpired since. And it. Union EU we are reticent show you know sometimes your greatest strength is your greatest weakness and when you gimmick what made him a great coach was a stubborn nests and has my way or the highway and it you know and even his ability to be completely hypocritical and holding people accountable to standards that he wouldn't hold himself accountable to. And now as you see that into his old age and them without the not burying the hatchet. You know with Indiana and the that's his own personal decision. But I do think it has its tarnish that legacy down and then overshadowed. Some of the great achievements that his teams had that it doesn't overshadow his teams but maybe when you look at his part on those teams. Fortified years after he was fired. They still probably would have built statue to him and the in the quarter after. Now they wouldn't you know because of what you said about Indiana what he's done with Indiana. You know what he has. At just the way he has acted since then is it's I'm sorry but this child pitch and it's. And dad but that's Bob Knight and that's who he is and and you always a guy who. It's it's always reminded me of that sort of like a grown Bibi if he doesn't get his way. Yeah you're not going to be happy you know he you know it's it's and it's never going to start it's never gonna go away he holds a grudge like a three year old and end. That's a shame because he is he was such a phenomenal. Basketball coach. But you know what you know as far as legacy goes there's got to be more to it that Rick Pitino is a fantastic basketball coach. His legacy his goal now he broke the rules that's a different and at that lots of other stuff but that's different certainly different. Category but you'll coaching basketball is not the only virtue you know their past to be other things there that you feel good about an end. There's just nothing else other than the wins that you feel good about with Bob I mean yeah I graduated players bumped but he also was abusing some players and you know end and you can't. You cannot. You'll ghoulish looking back on him. You know off the court the way he treated people and and and I think it. Nowadays that would never fly he would have been fired in a year you know I mean it's certainly different different air now and also we know more now because of you know right proliferation of social media things like that stuff gets out I mean if that have been around when he was a coaching Indiana even gone within five years I mean. Because of that stuff just comes out that. Bob Kravitz when he worked for the IDS. Bomb it first time we interviewed nine. He's sitting there waiting and Bob Knight locked in to talk to crappy. And sent down in the chair like for media's three feet away from him stark naked. Completely naked prisoner in on his knees like this and said ask your question. Kravitz didn't know literally laughed Cooper girl why are you know you are all there at the same spot and what people would have done to dig your point about social media. Is like Bob Morton walked out of the office and said here's exactly what happened to me and that would've been a column. Bob being a man of discretion which is popular at the time like aegis tells that story of parties now it's a great story. But when he worked for the idea see he kept that in his pocket. White and night you know that's classic. Night intimidation you know writing that's the that's that's just classic bother you hears stories like not has not specifically like that but you hear stories about that kind of stuff all the time from people nowadays you know Senegal mind counter with Bob Knight and you know and that's that's what do bully does end and bomb night news was and as I said outstanding on court coaching was a genius in some ways. Play his you know he was a bully. And that that's what he was and that's how he he thrived on that kind of thing you would have been a great coach was not the nonsense O our and then Luke French who do you think of what might be different stories though about Bob Knight the my dad to a dead the Jerry Lucas wants. And night when time Ohio State run Jerry Lucas and I as Havel check was the other one one of the greatest cause teams of all time and I it was a a bench guy he was the guy came in and you know doom did up a little bit and without guys and Lukas and Bob Knight were roommates and Lucas said that after the game join Gerri who's on agrees players of all time. Would come back to his dorm after game just wanna sleep amused exhaust it. And Knight wouldn't play that much just have this endless energy. And he would wanna go over every single play in the game with Jerry Lucas and Lucas turned to what's it was a pop shop golf. I wanted to I had I mean I had this encyclopedic memory is like hey Rick this inbounds play were you did this he's like. Bobby you're even involved in the play how do you remember that like and you just he's just wanted to go to bed and do it but that's that's indict was saying he was just this. Eight he just had this amazing mind for basketball. But the problem is is that a wave from basketball he was so flawed that it's tragic right on degree that he was genius and madness are often tied together now. So I that's just you know one always remember about him I think that. Talking to Jared Morris Ryan Phillips from assembly call. Working guys find you tomorrow Saturday is they scour Bloomington do they eat camped too hard to find out when he of ours now will be knicks in the early afternoon then will be and the Bryan Friday yet yet on Friday and be at the game obviously the Hoosier to a known games we've attendants are hoping to make that three now. Then at the tap on Friday in the older grayer post and so Saturday at the media school. Turks and Oprah appearance on just follow assembly call on Twitter at assembly call and there will be updating I'm sure we're overdue London and where we are mentioned coming in a real pleasure have a military. Assembly called radio tomorrow night six clock. Right here on CBS sports 1430.