Andrew Brandt

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, February 7th

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And talk to us through this and about this the great and her brand from MM QB I don't Andrew. I'm doing well Kent quite a time there I'm sure. It was it was utterly shocking but maybe it shouldn't abandon. Maybe not I mean. There's so many tentacles to this so many ways to unpack it. If we can start with the NFL rule that requires teams to not announce coaching hires coaches still coaching. And we go through this charade every year. Yeah where we know that certain coaches or we think we know for certain coaches are going to be coaching different teams. And even the NFL network of all people kind of puts it out there that these changes are being made. Not thinking besides nothing official. It's all based on we understand we're gonna do this. But not until the playoffs are over for that coach. So maybe we can start here by if that rule wasn't in place. We would assume. That just mcdannold would actually not only agree to terms but. Sign a contract. And then maybe we wouldn't be in this situation. Will it make it tough at the bit in this situation specifically down the road next year the hereafter. For coordinators on teams go to the Super Bowl to be added as candidates as seriously as they might have been before this happened. Well you know people tend to have a short memory but will live on I guess what led it will influence the questioning the interrogation during the interview process. And make teams more buttoned up. That they really have to deal that spare. And again we talk again I'm sure you're talking all the time about the word and bonding agent in right. Everybody really buying yen in. The navy there are some loose ends there windows. Is it standard operating procedure in the NFL to go ahead and announce hiring until herb prior to the odd contract being signed. I don't think you know way. Certainly we heard it from the media. Right in terms Chris Ballard putting it out there yesterday. I think that's pretty standard that you have agreed to terms. The coach is no longer under. Responsibilities with another team. I guess that. You know again this is kind of my background as attackers executives really more on the players side. I learned the hard way that's I think we announced a player when the big name. And free agency wants and we learned that he reneged and went to another team so you learn the hard way never actually announced before. What are we take a Bob LaMont and ending his relationship which Josh McDaniels is a client. And a long time dumbest kind of deals with them for coaches with the Packers. He is known is the guy when it comes to coaches. And I think he's good at sort of creating markets for coaches whether it's real or perceived. Announced that they become quote on quote how candidates. That's all the marketing side. As to the relationships side with teams I think teams. Understand he's the guy that they have to deal where. And they want and know that his word is his bond. I don't know what to make of this. Couple things came to mind about them terminating each other. Certainly just McGuinness would have to expect. That there may be a problem with the relationship. When he does this. Terms of men LaMont letting it known out there that he fired mcdaniels. You know I guess I always have kind of a side to those kind of things like okay right I mean. That relationship to me he was not gonna continue. Whether who fired two. The other part of it can is we keep part of this is that is right Robert Kraft sweetening the contract. Well that doesn't get done without an agent or an attorney. So I'm assuming maybe that wasn't LaMont and maybe McCain has already had a new. And its head too I'll put some stress on on the relationship between LaMont. And another one of his clients Chris Ballard is a GM of the colts. Of course and that's where you get. Real relationship issues right like it. And I trust you anymore. So I meant to preserve Ballard he's fired mcdaniels but we don't. Natural mcdaniels fired him first then that's their problem. Is a walking conflict. You know he's got clients competing for same job so I remembered negotiating them. In Green Bay when he had two or three guys we were. Consider. And it's always a conflict he represented Jack Del Rio. It was just replaced by his client John gruden Lyle to follow this happens all the time with and so I'm I'm not that chart. Tired Andrew Brandt of the MM QB the athletic and the host of the business of sport podcast. Bob Kraft doing what he did I mean this thing was he he could've played and he he got a boat whatever deal he put on the table yesterday. For John she could have done this for five weeks ago. And kind of not helped out the Indianapolis Colts but not thrown a moderate training either. Do we hold Bob Kraft today as the owner of the patriots accountable for some of us. Yeah I can see what you're saying with the timing of it. And I guess you know I don't want to sound like defending the patriots here but. Perhaps. That was not the time to discuss his contract you know when they're in the middle of this Super Bowl run. But. We know. There are there were I guess reports. And it depends on there's so many reporters. About. Mcdaniels having cold feet. Before Monday. Right so. Guess you can chalk it up to that but. Chris Ballard put out that release. You know he must've gotten word from mcdaniels and or LaMont. We're good to go. And I thought dated this is what I thought I thought that did that whole Mike Florio is saying and other guys reporting that this wasn't a done deal yet. I thought maybe that was Bob LaMont trying to work can be you know sort of a mythical. Competition in order for the COLT stamped dig don't. Come up with some more cash but I guess at what negative resiliency and honest to god real. You know I'm not trying to make this minimize this but. It happened straight people. Change their mind people come back and say what are and I just do you know whether it's buying a car buying a house buying a suit. But in something that that was an impulse whatever it is. And it's life you know it happens and I thought Ballard was very impressive today. When they asked to immunity to even the reasons why and ballots and I don't. It doesn't matter I think yeah either that are out of rhythm of the reasons don't really matter at this point. And the other line I keep thinking about is sometimes the best deals you do are the ones you don't. Go to happen. Sometimes the the professional sports gods take care of general managers and and owners. Did they present a ball a little bit of pain but they get a whole lot of pleasure later. That's what way that's kind of what were trying to advance here's three we try to take some kind of optimistic view of this thing. Because. When he just a look at it through you don't kind of pragmatic guy this this is reveals the colts. If you don't believe in Chris Ballard if you don't believe in Jim Irsay as to be a bit of a clam shell. Well do you think this I mean I think for people to say just McDaniel will never get another job as crazy. And I also think that he only wants one another job and that or or teach if he doesn't want another job. It's in the same organization exists and I mean. He's a Smart guy. Gets. He knows he's gonna get bashed but he wants to be there doesn't wanna be an Indianapolis. And that's the bottom line and you know money. Money is money I mean. You know you're not making what he can make their coach and they take coaches make four million plus. No court there may access. Dave McGinnis that is similar thing back in 1999 to the Chicago Bears. And Dave worked for a long time in the NFL. It happens yeah it's gonna continue to happen so. I think people get crazy about it but I think businesspeople that are listening lawyers whatever they get it. It happens people Brack other deals that happens every day and in this high profile one. Tired Andrew Brandt of the MM TQB. The athletic and the host of business and sport podcast. Let me ask you about Jim Irsay for a second. You know any time I talked to somebody from out of town. When they interview me about the colts they always ask about Jim Irsay Ding a detriment. As far as bringing coaches here or oral whatever icing no no no that's not really the way it is what's your view of Jim Irsay is an owner. Well I think. You know he is someone that. Has been around a long time is kind of a fixture in the NFL through his father. I think it team has had success certainly running up all the way to the net and it seeped its siege. Well the question becomes you know how that they've shared sense. What's gonna happen with luck. What's the future look like and how can he handle that. Is sent his own personal problems. I think you know. It's not that guy that people point to as the quintessential owner. But. I think he's respected owner and I think that's what's gonna come out of this how does he handle this out of the respond to this setback. He seems to be a guy a lets his football people run the football and a things and you'll write checks to pay for wins. And and that to me makes him a good boss. I think that's right you know land. Followed him on Twitter for awhile and she's a little prices errors especially with their signings. And the Andrew Luck signing when he. And Peyton Manning going back just kind of proud. Of spending big money yeah no orders don't do that certainly it'll took publicly. Almost like he wanted. It to be known and Andrew look at the biggest contract he wanted to be known that statement biggest country so I think players like that. Thank you very much Andrew really appreciate the time and wisdom. Got it.