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Monday, November 20th

Alex Bozich on Indiana basketball


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We welcome the great Al expose it from inside the hall dot com to the show how you do and Alex. Are you doing terrific air carrier I could not be better which of the two Indiana's from yesterday do you think we see more of moving forward. Are incredible. As a of these seeded team in the second nationally if you could if you could take between the played the first let's see all the second actually stop order thinking might have some of that. The seriousness not I would. Impressed with how they played after halftime faster than me aren't you because it would have been easy for them. Or the it was common nervous energy in the building whether companies that don't let that take over. But they came out of the of the locker in the short break. They were out on the court I think there were six or seven as part of a popular do you have very often. College game that they came right back out of the locker room. The coaching staff was really engage with the guys that they were going to go. After I thought. They came out a lot more focus and really get everyone's talking about to walk or hit yeah Robert jobs than those got all played really well I'll tell her that Apple's. Really the catalyst because he took care of the ball he that he doesn't. He played sixteen minutes but he gains and had a turnover. And that's pretty big deal for a team that. Can't take care at a ball solidly in front appendix I just it just making simple plays and our freshman. But these big strain on your team that that takes care of the Baltic really counts a lot of bouts. Or this group has to go to cannot undo some of the bat pat mentioned tasks. As unpleasant as watching this team can be and baby will be moving forward it to read especially through that five game stretch. Where they played duke Michigan Iowa Louisville Notre Dame. It is really interesting to see Condit who's on board who's not on board. Who's about to climb that on the ship and who's about to jump in the water and eight you know you got a guy like LGB darom. Who looks really good you got a guy like Dovonte green it was a more talented player. Then Durham but doesn't look is comfortable and doesn't look his body and it's really interest. Yeah topic green and he was really good in that seat all game in the first acts in the last mine yet or turnovers and I don't know you know I don't know what kind of goes into getting cast stopped on the ball around it. Couple vanished on a Barak were assassin. Are certain sort of a couple gain RC's. The army guys there that you know when they're when they're doing something that perhaps we'll be doing out there are there to hear about it quickly so I'll organs he which guidance. Over the next couple weeks. I think that the hard and improve their game I think those are going to be the guys are gonna keep quiet in the I've gained stretched. I don't necessarily think you're gonna see. Ten or eleven guys get in the game and at least seem to this point but when you play in those high caliber of opponent I think you know the rotation could be. Didn't. Lugar an Indiana State game this team wants to have any chance to make all the credit and attacked the street together the winds are winning couple games that patient that they're not going to be favored going into it. I hear not gonna do that about playing ten or eleven athletic he's gonna. He's got his rotation the next couple weeks and around with the guys too low given the best chance when it McCaw Hartman comeback hopes soon blow up all lunar. They a dire Q on the out of the instruments. How important the next two games you've got to Arkansas State Wednesday eastern Michigan on Friday. How important those two games for Freddie mix Alain and his. Our continued. Maybe has continued presence on this thing. Think tendon in new Erica you know there turnaround thing. You know make positive contribution. I think these genes are sport it's like your current school that Banca I Archie says. After the game birds. I'm looking out term as a guy who's gonna probably start taken a lot of his minute you know and what would trying to explain. Justin Smith to me look like ignited this start to implement it and explain. Had been. You know a negative in terms of that over to meet some some good things in terms of the rebounding. By a I think. It is a metallic armor you look at look at it and say just got a pretty big should this program over there are. Federal and even less likely to mop up burst that gave him decent man to catch maybe even go ought to advocate. She on the court ruled that war so. You know I think at the pivotal two games or try to explain it in and talked nuclear. Those two. If they want our cut a hole on the what they've. You know with the role that they've had to this point I think they really need to start playing better because of these younger guys there are shown that they can producer edit. Equal or if not better level. Talk tend to Al expose that from inside the hall a I think that this and and maybe this takes this. Back beyond your window of experience with Indiana basketball. But this reminds me of like an old school Bob Knight roster where you knew that he had gotten some guys on the team. Who maybe weren't going to be good fits and all of a sudden those guys decided to transfer in the middle of December 8 it's got that feel to it. Where some guys are just square pegs and round holes and they're trying like hell to figure out their role but it they can't figured out. They're gonna go someplace else but then you got to seniors and any mention new Kirk and explain. Those guys are seniors this is at this last chance saloon they got to figure out how to stay on the boat because if they don't there's no other port. Right it. Probably not the most comfortable situation for those guys and that's not you know for the coaching staff but. Mean that they're trying to win games here mean. Indian state law so bad now sort of where people you know I think Archie. I think you know is not feeling any heat but even says he's disappointed. That badly and they don't wanna have that happen again and I think. You are wrong look at guys like us that are only previous. The best chance to win some and to not Serbs is trying to explain that in just new market at this point all of that category will be interesting to see. What happened. To get here called to the into the frustrating out. So I haven't heard anything about in the inner happier or lead but it's just say it it is a big big adjustment. From how things war in the past from watching the way. That he's got their coats from the sidelines. There's a lot more. Accountability expected. For what you do on the court if you saw the ball in his book and ridiculous you hear about Tom crane. You know he has he has followed the coach and you have a lot of good things he did that he he never really lit. You know Archie and he's not going to be afraid to tell somebody reduce our. But they don't like it'll be a last night song get that technical network because he was that the wrapped because he was he couldn't he couldn't believe the fact that nobody grabbed the ball and the guy who. Was undersized point guard and ACC had to work for everything he's got added you can't I don't think he can believe them and what he sees in terms of guys just not being aggressive. Thought he expects its. Got to be. A 110%. While I'm in it or not he's gonna get on that's just out year old. You eat eat except that there are you're not gonna landmark upset. So that's basically I'll see it. Target Al expose it from inside the hall dot com column Hartmann a JD Campbell through this statistic Addis. During the football game during that weather delay M memorial stadium. Eight and I'm gonna get the numbers wrong in all likelihood but it's something like this that with Colin Hartman Indiana is sub like 47 and forty. Without him they're nineteen and twenty some of that is probably happenstance when Colin Hartman has been injured. How how big a factor will the return of column Hartman. 100% healthy. I think it'll be I don't know I don't know anything about those numbers I mean. Well I don't know I don't know how much those numbers figure in you know you don't. Maryland not having you know you you know I think right now it is art art go. Tom I think com partner and will be a positive addition because. He has the respect of the teammates he's done it before he's a tough guy he's Smart player and we beat throw these cliches out at. But I'll Hartman. I truly believe. That you're the guy that you can win game split because of the little thing he does mean. Played two pretty much a broken wrists and and you know what term and a couple years ago he used to keep the costs. Tough kid and he's. You know he didn't come back. Totally use our 41 Indian state he didn't come back and finished off their third in the big chance he's probably he's gonna get out or. And you know he could have moved on lightened until now came back because he wanted to go do this I have been. I've got to believe that ease ease comeback to win and so. I think it's gonna be a a positive thing do you think one thing they need. Continuing. Cohen or does. The Robert Johnson that we saw in the second half last night that you want more reach out there like that in your hat are part and eighty degrees. I'll Berra and continue to come the longer I'm David I mean. Absentee is here and not the Big Ten is not great this year and a senior western kicked her out here a couple times I would eat today. Some of these lower level Big Ten teams like for a record direct out there and anybody but. Oh you know I think a lot of people maybe overreacted. Indian state game without while the C block are not enters. A chance that Indian can get a lot better and maybe front of people debates and I think our heart and if you if you can play well he's going to be a big part of. I thought that that northwestern score against Texas Tech I a football over and in find it because I thought that maybe today they book geared up there crawl and it was a win App Store not many school. It was a very. I would got I would I would be in question about locking epic paradigm but when you have like that we've got double figures. You know Ohio State got the win there earlier where there's some of these teen at a tent they haven't played anybody. Think Indian and take a lot of losses in our conference got a but I don't think anyone else who's going to be as in terms of what they've gone when they get the Big Ten I mean. He'll elaborate well known in our conference we have beat anybody you're playing Indian regrets are all but the late duke will all see army that you think's going to be more. Prepared. To be and those kind of battle flooding ultimately this team. I mean less to do the opposite Alaska Alaska that these all the peak in November I think this year older. Along as you know they don't lose too many games it was compliment I think we're gonna do to seek court and received the. Well I hope like hell does what in the queue damn right there. It right of this fifth. But does schedules the peak we got problems did she got New Albany and and watch Romeo against her off. No I'm going tomorrow and other playing I said it tomorrow the they're playing Charles town tomorrow so that's going to be like forty point and I'm sure Romeo will be. You might be out of our guests in the fourth quarter up about forty bucks. Yeah I'm gonna go out of that tomorrow night to watch and then. Either first in a political and stop the leak yet should be brilliant game up. Only ten Accenture people in that area to get a chance to watch a play that much about tomorrow night in. We will look at it and you know it seems like now we're headed. We talked about it recruit a lot but you know it and I heard yet remarkably good sounds like Kara. The thing might be are headed for the for the spring over here where he's gonna go creatures so are going to be up. Hole a season long. Track from means to go on over in on the aims to cut a lot of play and would talk to your couple arms and then we'll see how they look he. From the tee are all sincerity literally millions of bucks or lots and play tomorrow night. Where you're gonna have to talk to the great Donnie young ruse VAD it New Albany and in hooked us up with seats on the catwalk. We don't want our Larry brown and nearly. I mean even credential or Montreal or email and say we get one sure are. Her look mean capital here there's not a can hit the perfect. Thing about Romeo. Like he's gonna have to average 37 points to gamers some like that detached Damon. Chimps and mechanized not gonna throw him out like 31 minutes a game to go get that Izzy. You can't do it again like that that game tomorrow. I know that a deal little that it Charl target the pain that sort of like. A big deal where it on this common attic Romney then schedule last year. But if favor. That is Avery you know that the we can't help what page next year come play here we couldn't be a big deal throughout let other people tomorrow night by. If you're up ally thirtieth that he disagrees he put him out there and gets hurt it's not. Going to be and get things so I don't I don't I think coaching and I talked a little about the orange. You know he's seat ease he I don't think he is he's gonna let them go at a lot of the candidates are and I'll let. A power like that you're trying to win a state championship and I can put about where. Short order and rescue occurred rather I think there's an injury got over 43 quarters. I'll last year so maybe he'll be up like that Marlon. It is points that. You know we'll we'll see hopefully they know how some called dean. And delegates at play more minutes but. You can probably get sick you're sick the united collect about there are against something means you Alex appreciate type. As you get absolutely.