Aaron Torres examines the Louisville scandal and the NCAA punishment

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, June 15th

Aaron Torres examines the Louisville scandal and the NCAA punishment.


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We welcome to the show. As we do about as often as is hill agreed to talk to us the great guarantors tight door and Aron. Can't undo it well. I think you're beat a little bite here but I anytime you guys Nina always available look socket hoops which you. And it is basic of their due to. It really is an air and of course from fox sports. And it. NCAA against Louisville basketball do you think it's just inappropriate. Yeah yeah I mean I do look at me based on what they know and end. You know I still think that there are some layers of this that will never know he's gotten since that date this story broke. My biggest key united ate little or has painted a picture of Andre McKee which acting role be he was due to eat you know he was only one involved. Well how does that director of basketball operations who takes its like from. 40000 dollars a year afford such out so. You know you don't they're so like. I'm the only thing that they that they stop what we know I I thought it was actually very that you get one year's penalty. You know pitino got a five game suspension would let ER as Jim Boeheim got hit with a nine game suspension. Larry Brown get it within nine games suspension like. I get that they took preventative measures like get that they set out to tournament two years ago I get that they dozens of other things but to me I actually thought they got up pretty good not oh people bring up the debtors and all that stuff but all things considered. I think dictated things could have been a lot worse going forward than they are. You know Timmy it's a worse look for Rick Pitino. Not it let's say he knew about Andre McGee and about all this going on. I think it's a worse luck than Matt the way he's responded. To lied to this punishment like a petulant little child. Yet and that is something you know obviously having written a book about Kentucky I'm constantly asked about cal Perry to keep all that easy. You know look this knows who Rick Pitino is and how he acted in an I've been critical payment and global fans wanna they almost as you wrote a book. But Kentucky to sell books first while I. The higher of accurate to hire Mike he's lucky look at it as much as they might take. This is who he is in into it you know it's one of those deals where I think he's just since he's been at the top of this sport and they coaches and technical guy he is brilliant. Keep on top of the sport for so long that. I just don't think he understands like sometimes you grow up and sometimes just got to bite the bullet in and say you're sorry that you you apologize deeply hurt and moved doc but for him. You know especially after a very public. I keys that include extortion and in a variety of different things that happy you know in the late 2000 so 2090070. Years ago. For this guy to get up parents they you know I've lost faith that peak in the best of my house speaker. Like come on man like just you know I think he used the term they can just say these days can't. Just think he'll just say you're wrong just that you could handle things better like I am totally on board review and I totally agree that. Is that is this whole deal is in you know they'd get there was a legal behaviors going. You know Rick if you noted and helped himself his school has program today. Nobody ever does that do they nobody ever says you know I'd sell us. I blew it thanks very may everybody says. That you need to do that everybody's like any and Harry Truman's my favorite president 'cause the buck stops here or not Bob buck stops here guy until the heat gets turned up and that have nobody hides under his desk like Rick Pitino is doing today. It had but but I would say. You know I don't know that I necessarily feel that way and I you know it goes back a long time now but. You know you remembered that that US he chased probably 78 years ago and however it was all right and I'm thinking about you know the big reason that they really got the book thrown out of because. Mike Garrett with the tablet PD refused to comply and he refused. To play but you know played by DNC's rules and act buicks and everyone's been to eagle went pretty much you know we've mission done this we've learned our lesson you know we're we're here it like. Like he didn't like this is probably 88 example it's kind of credible like even missile missed keepsake. It has bent over backwards do whatever they can't help PNC eight obviously people to judge it like. I'm just saying that I feel like people have gotten smarter about really pushing back against the NCA. Oh by the way you know lake. Like I don't know I just needs it's incredible to meet. That in this you're after what we've learned from the NCA that Rick Pitino continue to go out there continue to push the way he has. I've not says the key times now but there's just certain point where he just kept estate. You guys to write it up but when your kid like OK mom you're right a wrong public art room you know. Vegetables for dinner tomorrow like it like to just take a loss wreck and it's amazing to meet that he just continue to fight that. North Carolina is doing the same thing with the academic scandal Martha's. Yeah I mean they didn't know. North Carolina I think is so convoluted because the thing with the added there's multiple programs and Baltic goes back multiple years of multiple coaches stood idle everyone wants to draw a direct line and I think you know what is interesting about today of course. Bomb is that you know everyone wants to say well what does this mean for North Carolina low ball better almost certainly will be coming down from the 2013 national championship chalks Merck that they got was Castro's person pretty NCAA today. Basically said without saying it but we know that players that were implicated in this. This scandal played in that game and I think ever want to draw a parallel world mobile air might come down so is our North Carolina as it's actually gonna come down as well. I'm not ready to go there yet and again the North Carolina thing is so convoluted. But I do to get the worry here Carolina and lucky if you care about things this budget the national team Japan are coming out we all know that. You know North Carolina beat XT the next year and it doesn't really matter the banners up but. I'm not ready to draw that parallel but I do understand any reason why North Carolina and would be nervous that a candidate hammers coming next you know locals. So what are they blue blood school not quite like North Carolina Indiana Kentucky oaks that are up but you know they're pretty high up on the national audit if they got hit pretty hard here that we very well could be too. Targeted Aaron Torre is about college basketball basketball vault types. From fox sports let me ask you about out Alonso ball. From UCLA. In that slow locker commercial really really really funny and in presents himself kind of desire. Are contrary figure to his dead Lavar I thought it was pretty brilliant. It was great X and I give credit to their original so people like I don't know who keep up with the idea I don't know who pitched it to the bald. But you know the wanting nothing about this and I actually thought of this went when I saw the ad is that you know since I've known footballer when you always says as. Look man just entertainment we're just put the ball in the basket you know so what went onto a losing game with a aka determine ever look at what it does mean the bar the big picture to be like. There's not a better team than men and like that to me was what that commercial let's look like will Clark not seem to work freight to poke himself in the rips to obviously. I'm sure he had to green like that idea I'm sure he lobbied you know I'm sure he got a kick out of it as well. And I thought at the present Alonso are great like you notice what he is going on social media and you know I. Yeah I try to not put too much stock into what people are say America's you know for obvious reasons but I a lot of people kind of workers they voted you and I can't help like. Oh my god we didn't know there was this side of him like oh he did Pope on a variety we keep you know I'd like. Maybe it was scripted and maybe it took a couple takes spotlight. They nailed it and I thought it was awesome but as weird as it sounds I thought that did more perks. You don't want those public perception that anything he really has done on the court and as good as he was easily this year. Tired air guitar is about basketball let's talk about the NBA draft a bunch college kids coming out of bunch of one and done guys. Are gonna be at the top of the draft we kind of cheer these things out. How deep did gul. With that first here. Until there's a fall off to the second Jay is it about ten deep visit to deportees see the tears. Yeah I think the first five are probably pretty set in stone and I think that look I I I think mark helpful to go number one. I frankly think laudable goal number Cuba really after number one default nothing would really surprise me. And I think all those guys are gonna be good they're all good in her old weigh ins psychic it's I don't wanna be careful just be the bigger picture of how you label this stuff because. I think just acting king he's dealing but he viewing might not be seen as decent teams split. On the right team with the right teammates shot Jack to get just as much value as anybody in the straps in with your fox game which we're told those guys. After that it's right Kiki start to be able to close and people a little bit more easy you know a little easier should states you know lower marketing great shooter but he's a product did the greatest foot speed probably won't be the best defender. You got it but I think the opposite athleticism off the charts but he took a little bit about what you're Florida State what does that mean in the bigger picture. The week marked I like him but he's seen that gave all he scored as he want to play defense to yet another year. Are you know how to keep it when he got the primary option offensively. It's good to meet so so I that there K okay I love those first five guys and then what I also sit by the leader as a kind of really look at this in in in a look at in the big picture. I really like a lot of the guys in the back into the first round that it just died and I think he'd be productive NBA players. I don't think you're getting a dream on green all star caliber guy. But you know a guy that you guys saw Tom Merritt Indiana kilts wanna give you need to help meet that guy averaged thirteen boards even politics he can find a spot in the Indian contribute. You know jordin bell from origin to either Dorsey from Morgan great three point shooter in any league that gets more three point centered by. This year. I just think there's so much value in that second round so I think what you're talking all star caliber cunning guy at those top five. That the budget guys the kind of got to have you know figure out what they are how they fit and don't let what other Beckett got a bunch of guys picking common infill hole as well suck so for that reason. I really do like this draft and really do like kind of the versatility debt that comes with. There probably isn't a guy in the draft with a bigger chasm between his upside in his downside than Harry Giles and a lot of people have a man not. Like fifteen to 22 range. De India I know what's roll of the dice that but this guy can kind of be a transformer two players he can stay healthy candy. 100% yet and it it's funny because Vietnam I've even said the Spanish okay and I can't remember but nothing about. 34 weeks ago five weeks but from what it was but I I. Somebody like two needed eighty and Terry Giles YouTube tape from what he was fully healthy likes sophomore junior high school right. Any you were Q how good this Q what do you look there's a reason that this to it was call almost the consensus number one pick in this draft at this point last year. He has every tool he had every skill. You don't mid range of people arranged defense you know athleticism. In it just there was nothing we could do anything close to really do because he's not close to be 200% yet and so. He that you feel bad for the kid obviously the but obviously it's the same time he's also going to be a first tropical most certainly. Not Thursday night a week from today and so I really feel like Jack you get him and you'd just you'd a year under the understanding that it's still a very much work in progress. If decade can stay healthy I mean all star doesn't feel like he's stretching he's the key to turning to an all star caliber player. Is not a stretch at all until he's ready to arrange for the pacers are tickets you know I I don't know how eagle where you stand on the rebuild vs this purse is try to will now vs whatever. But if you're willing to say that we know this guy's a work in progress there than anybody with more hot it would higher upside at that point of the draft and carried out. Assuming I get I and I guess we can't really yet that Paul George is going to wind up Los Angeles Laker. After next season no matter where he spends next season. Dear reap plate and just take this thing down to the studs and build around miles turner or what do you do. Yeah I mean it's you really feel like Paul George's in their for the long haul and yet you kind of you just kind of have to evaluate everything. And you know I I don't know what the trademark it is for him right now obviously. The question would become you know are the lakers are they willing to give up stuff that they think he's going to be there next year. They're a team like the Celtics think they can recited you know I'll always of the police and no kind of back conversation to have on your show all of you know apology or his future outside of Indianapolis. You know I always feel like with teams that if you get a good player on a good team it's easy to keep them there once again you know I think Kevin Love with the cavs. Where he was basically a free agent at the end of that year he reside in so. I think that this say you know whether it's the Celtics whether somebody else that really that is that missing piece. I don't think it's preposterous to say that it beat Indiana Pacers don't think they can keep Paul George try to move in somewhere else and catalytic postured for the Celtics or somebody that they. If we can win and we can prove that this guy that were built for now that we have the opportunity to compete. That he's gonna stay in that obviously he made it seem like the Celtics involvement you know the bounty of possibilities is an incredible putt to meet yet not. I think it's you know you've reached the point where where he clearly has made it pretty clear that he partisan wanna be that long term. Some start looking towards future. What do you think about Chris holt and leave them Butler and go to Ohio State it's hard to pass that up a net. Yeah it's funny because you know he was kind of the right guy of realistic. Pop from a sense of like you're under the impression that Billy Donovan changed it certainly Sean Miller from Arizona in the coming. You know Q the met next here but what what was interesting to me is that so many of those guys that I think would have taken that job that Ohio State job in April. Old senator look at it next you're like wow we got ourselves as a team so like Chris Mack hit at Xavier on how well. You know your audience would know his roster but I mean he had trouble for that need to write it hapless right he did you you know. And so Chris Mack is offered that job in April he doesn't know what to rumble its future in the eighties as you know what I'm interested but now it catcher Bob look back he's like back and let the all American next year. It's hard to walk away from that. Gregg Marshall the same deal which doggie base he returns his entire team. So you start getting to that tier of guys that that that are possibilities that also meet your at a position where it's time tour. Potentially looking into opportunity hole and obviously has Butler. You know in a great place but it wasn't like he was walking away from the team that he felt like okay this team can get to the final or to win the national chipped chipped it to a very good team there's certainly gonna make determine next year. But that the idea that it was just wanted a lifetime thing that he couldn't walk away from. And the Serb played just get off for so much money for so many years that that's really artists out. Is Greg Marshall just a tick. Is that why he keeps getting cut passed over. Well. It's interesting because I thought Ohio State kind of made sense for him look I I think that being. That happened with his life if we all remember DNC's term yeah you're right she's you can't foresee like that. Think that people in basketball have known about issues that she's at times is these people to deal with the immediate. For lack a better term the best representative of your university or the representative of of your morning your most high profile life employees. It's so for that reason I would wonder he's he's easy is a place like India the right spot for him. But the Catholic not a has been would make sense because let's be honest as long as Herbert Meyers doing his thing at Ohio State. Nobody really cares about what the basketball coach or what is like Purdue or anything like that like you know let's just went eleven forethought. Get to this war about how our basketball. Did she anywhere you go. It's not bought it made sense for him mayor but again it's so I think that that's a very well I think you know he can be difficult to deal with behind the scenes. He's a white has this. Checkered ethnic itself works and. You'll. Like you know Telekom might get a you know like you know she's not like that but you know so I say all this to say is that eagle I ST I thought made sense but you know when you're talking about a a high profile job like in Indiana its top. Any considered duties to get three million dollars a year you know and so that that's something else that gets gets brought into the equation not by iPod in Ohio State would have made sense but elected senate in combination of the team. And that he had come back and Paula this dollar that'd make it and it makes sense. At this point tags there and I appreciate it great stuff is always. Pleasure my can't thank you territories from fox sports and that was right here that ensued apple had to buckle a three. Quit Gregg marshall's life what she went off the reservation. In the lower bullet bankers life field house and then she'd talk directed at the post game press conference. Which is just hilarious.