Aaron Torres on corruption in CBB

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, February 26th

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I am against early show CBS sports 1430 corruption in college basketball the extended actually exists or to the extent that we wanna talk about it. As corruption. That's in the news today on Friday we heard from beat them all and we heard from. Had forty and on and on and on and on and in then. Over the weekend I hear from guys like Brian snow hey not so as fast and don't it don't get all. Trust everything you hear that I see that guarantors. Is questioning stop the one aired torn towards question stuff. I'll wanna talk Karen Torre is. The validity of the claims by Christian Dawkins act kind of thing so here's aaron's Doris I don't aaron's. Yeah you know I feel like Woodward and Bernstein got its case right now. Listen I'm not questioning the hard work of the guy did Yahoo! or EXP and they had good information. He ran with it as a journalist by a 100% respect what I do I do question the validity of trusting some of the claims of I'd like Christian talking to people like that. Oh no comment and I look forward to you about it. You know and then you've got Sean Miller as reported by ESP and being on a out a wiretap. But is it people I talked to are saying hey don't count your chickens. And these are kind of reports are reports and who knows what actually exists and what in what form. Can that this means the most wrenching part and we're gonna get into. The Yahoo! element of all of its let you know look air donut legal counsel kids out on Sunday. They can sit like you we have no idea what can these wiretaps because these federally CO dot net and so folks can mean I would get I would. ESPN before they ran. I went to a report that could potentially and Sean Miller's career could potentially and the country in eligibility at the college level. That they would've heard these pictures again I have no reason to believe that they have a vote by the way a lot of questions that come in the place of how we end up for the bad. They actually heard the Wright should you know you know what what is next with that so yeah that was another one where. Beyond that I I in that case I would want to rush to judgment it's they'll get a job knows one million that's the locker next 2030 years not coaching in college basketball. But here we are 3670. Killed 48 hours later senior sand. A certain without actually heard these teams are we sure we perch on Miller and I give credit to both areas of production. And that the country into camp for fighting that because this one might not have a much validity is we thought as well. You know it's one of those things this story is errand to me where there's kind of this dump of all these names. And so the name like two or Michigan State they go sort of above the fold it in a headline and for people who only read headlines. They don't get the full story of the guy for duke. Did to my knowledge barely did anything miles bridges mom talk less than a thousand dollars. Today at least according to these things. And all of a sudden people percent well it's all corrupt and it's a cesspool and Tom Izzo has got a dollar and that they were not there yet. It's interesting because with the odd that he woke up part on her writing this story had been out for a few hours on the West Coast you know I still get up pretty bleak. With that's that you I see that means duke Kentucky Michigan they actually all my god here we go let it publicly. And see that rise. To it in your like Walt secular now and again that this should not meet Chris citing out at fort repeat nobody likes. You know you read that report. You you know a legend in that what can a little harder mob allegedly. Meeting with Christian Dawkins. What we're or whatever over from New York. The meal first of all comes out to under our right around a hundred dollars which even an NCAA violation of the order to argue can pay back your eligibility. Is not a question. The wedding. Me. What went harder what did you hear and high school he wouldn't give it to. Debut at duke I understand you are now. But the idea that actually just you know were all of his players. Eat lunch every game but completely committed to duke it. Monster and then you add in the fact that he's set. I would argue it would elect to take about 450 dollars. By the way one of those transactions would eight cash transaction from an ATM. Where you know this this guy Christian Dockett couldn't get help for a box and kept it in his pocket and opened the portrayal that. Can meet such a great point that they're there are. Alleged. Real violation here and he's steep and get a bit allegedly seeking. 75000. Dollars and that a pilot allegedly kicking. I forget the number 4550000. Dollars but to lumpy once from 10 Carter or a lunch did not sweep. I you know with the legal allegations like that it's good to meet that would promote this. Point being I like what the lump all of these things to the I you know major major G violations with things that frankly just are violation. Guarantors about a college basketball on this posted corruption that has infested college basketball installment Twitter apps Aron. Underscore Taurus Erin act. How much get a how much corruption do you take in your pretty plugged into dies how much crunch and you take using college basketball. On the industry can't because I thought it would kind of a fascinating look into the disk. Yeah I would've been honest and can look and it and it only one agencies. You know email did an invoice. But yeah you'll get all the great players at duke and Kentucky. I am Michigan State all in school through the year and into re week. I mean it really came down to one about 45 guys that really. Egregiously broke the rule actual surprise by that. And get that under the assumption that everything we read in this report is 100% Acura which I called a question what I had multiple people. Staff had tickets extra benefits or been involved in that two people. We need to buy Yahoo! called me over the weekend and say. I never met this Christian doc and had no idea who he is. And so look obviously those folks could be lying to me but I also believe. We'll happily gone on the record and repudiated at Yahoo! reached out to them. Mean look they're always going to be cheating you know addition to meet cant it come up with you and I talked about the nature of college basketball that can't pay the players as a group one and on rock. Uninteresting good gitmo of the guys that were alleged to have kick in the big money they were and it's meant to repair vital mark helpful. What unquestioned. NBA futures and yeah it would be interesting to meet what does that you know. Ever want to react to what OB MC ASA and blame the NCAA. And saying oh this problem called by the NBA yeah yeah yeah they had this one and admiral which you and I have argued that liked about it I think I'm start a couple of two years I think. You know nobody's paying in the 20000 dollars to the backup point guard at you know. What it. The kid hit that India guide. And oh by the way they're getting payment floor they even get to college so you can say there's corruption in college basketball. But it really starts before you can even get college I don't know what the guy that mark yet. A big crowd in theaters or Indianapolis excuse me are supposed to do you can't understand dictate. Blew it complicated situation. Like that one person ward and Dickey I kind of in January so. Well and I think that it's it's also wrong to assess blame with the NCAA or the coaches when shoe companies. Our our given kids or their parents big stacks of cash to come play a U basketball for their program. And that happens everywhere. Our majority of the top thirty kids. Are getting paid to play some plays and that's without the knowledge of the programs or do it without the knowledge of the college programs or the NCAA. A hundred per 100% in Britain you know this is part of the problem and again this week and meet. It's they're getting paid by these these shoe company. The gamble awful word there potentially alleged leaks getting paid by these agencies. Ninth at 1617. Years old and didn't he you know what I see. That makes me say you know what I the end the April and all this they're supposed to have certified the Egypt's first post new. Yeah this book yeah credibility factor with being a major at allowed to present NBA player. You know obviously we understand that they gave it that competitive. Hoped that. Yeah it. Are the people that India he really wants to be affiliated with that within 2550000. Dollar allegedly this alleged. 1617 year old kid I mean is that you know I imagine by the late. Being Carlisle or being an NBA coach like of course you can't get through these kids could have been part of it could catch a what I believe in China Yahoo! report. The big money from the time they're 150. You know in India again I'm not Cheney and today than it all here. The NBA's gotta look at some these guys that they have a credited his agent and trade like what are you looking like like a little bit of professional integrity here. But again he's it would count or what this is what everybody else to do and so. The places I think it's a multi delay problem I don't know that there isn't an easy one quick fix solution. I'd get well and that's a great point. And that goes to my next question is it Condoleezza Rice has been tasked by mark ever. To try to figure this out and bring about solutions. That would be enacted prior to next college basketball season. But I don't even know where you begin. I don't even know who the victims are in by I mean like it does the middle tier teams in division one. They can't possibly compete with the upper tier teams and there and there are monetary discrepancies there at the kind of make them default victims. But other than that kids are getting paid the shoe companies are happy to pay and the agents are happy to pay am. The coaches are charging kind of some kind of sneak in order to turn over kids to an agency. Eight you know which they would do anyway if they weren't being paid I'm not sure where the victim hood is in all of this or what can be corrected. Look at the first part of victim Byrd said you know I don't wouldn't argue you know we're arguing that. Chimp got so firm that he does the guy that's going on over the next couple more. I mean you let in front of the odds. And I have been a couple of the other defendants. All now. Under that exact argument hit it to who the victim here you don't need the pleaded getting paid the school are benefiting took the important key to making money so who the real victims not the judge to agree with that. Rookie point can't you want Fred. We get paid player book again you know I'm not saying that there isn't a complete. Yeah there are law has called title nine that prevent. Yeah you can't just decide okay we're gonna pay everybody Ott tomorrow it doesn't look like and so. It's amazing because. I I and all of the belief that yet something has to be changed I think this was. In a lot of ways really eye opening to Niemi always intercede because. I'd like duck in the media we talked to people behind the scenes off the record you know this kind of stuff going on but do you know ledger virtues she you know in front of you. Really good eye opening in but I don't know what those quick exchanges. Are still don't believe that. NBA right now are structured to Q school kids in act. And really kind of you know I don't know pick them to form at their capabilities I still think it's workers are inside the money. Put aside extra benefit recital that. W going to do. Calling playing for coach K per year getting world class training world class nutrition. Still think that the better option in getting drafted late in the first shot and spending happier year you know writing at auction in it and who called South Dakota you know. In oh. Do you pay the players do you remove the one and done or all the things they are all great kind of concept. Actually put them in policed. It takes time. And and no I just. It's amazing because clearly something had changed I think I eat a lot of people actually. I really don't know what changes or how it looks like in and Google want need right now but I did I don't have a good chance that I think most people that the important opinion makers owning their. It seems like a lot of the calls are like 51496545. When he compared the benefit of a change to sort of a detriment of the change the battery consequences. Our it I they've got to be ferret it out by somebody I think who knows a little bit more about college basketball and the former secretaries state no matter how Smart changes. It really quick on that you know it's funny because. Yeah like that citizens eat value analysis here's don't know that you and I have talked a lot about the pluses and minuses of the wanted to roll. Back and think in my head that I am I did not come around full circle Cuba outlook and sober side at all. Star weekend could you we should go to LA that don't really not as cold and I think a lot of thought to changing this world. Because they're again now a lot of unintended consequences that kind of like what I had. The NBA you know you talk about all the benefit to sending kids to college it's still really really really beneficial for India eight you have a lot of dough ball or reach beyond the. Plaguing college basketball to post right now what the alternative is so. I'm with you and yeah and then you know I think we can all agree were not like seeing Condoleezza right here but you know complicated issues. That's going to fundamentally Alter this sport that we love so much. And I would rather than you're cute too long to get it right into Russian that's something that we can't open a different exceed. Tug guarantor is you don't foam on Twitter at Aaron underscored Torres. That it is as we look at college basketball. And it and we draw Alec worries to other things I here's the thing about college basketball. To me and in the one and done rule week you're right we talked about the one and done rule and I think you're right I think it's better environment for a kid. To spend a year down in Durham, North Carolina work with coach K. And and having the facilities down their rent in there and riding buses between Fort Wayne and god knows when. Yet it's not our decision. And adults' decision not I kid in his family people advising the family. They can make that decision and if they don't come out on the side to go to college for a year I got no problem with that I take it ought to be their call. Go in and let let's let's also get wanting click here. Two gold plated few weeks per year they don't wanna go oh I bet and I know. There's only one player in the history of the one and done era that it ever children that and I don't even know you write this came seventy tenure ago Bob. I think at this state like planet can't is that you know we we want this sweeping change but just what you said earlier. Unintended consequences with everything and in to what I just said and I hate to be retarded. Rather than go one year too long and risk quote on quote further corruption. Get this right. Until Russia has something that just doesn't make sense but I one thing I will say. And I do believe. I think the Indian and she got to work more and it can't hear because. If that day. What they're he would feel is the primary feeder system or not to the NBA these acute separate entities that basically working independent of each other right now. And that's something that I think at the change I mean it Adam the world really want would that supported league. It behooves him to kind of work more closely. Let's be associated try to do is just what I think it or understand how solid that worked throughout the species ogle at. Couple mock you needed to actually incorrect. I think it will help it legal apology that the car was working relationship with college basketball. We talk about the wind on a roll again I don't you know this what this that the five people who don't understand. That is not a college basketball world attitude and he rose. And it just beat the disconnect between the two committees that I think need to be figured out it legal or. If you have eyes standing Gandhi's phone number you might wanna call him and explain that concept at him. That was a. Turns but the weird and again and that one knows very weird. Odd and see you again this goes to kind of the misinformation. That is out there to get it goes back to what I would say over the week and a deal would say that. Just quashing. Yeah and CE OK I mean seeing. Major police is not yet he and you know all these all these networks Jim Allen hill 23 or tweet about. The NCAA. Strike. Blame your like Mitt is it what it what are the report is true. That collected. At the heat. Understand the people first it. The more that would out on Yahoo! sport miss these guidelines came from December were up 4015. For people who knew that our prime in their head in December appoint fifteen and met with the high school board catapult Google let's just take it 101000 dollars within high school. There's a bio. What in high school so it's hard for me to blame the NCAA. Blue and gold aren't even under their jurisdiction yet and yeah. Again it's just there's been a lot of misinformation. I think there's been a lot of com. And attribute writing in leading in an end. You know reporting over the last couple they'd. During the initial report came out again I. Respect the work that he admitted that Yahoo! did but I think and then that the commentary on his agenda driven. Let's show you some facts so we can really kind of share with the public what the actual truth at. Odd target guarantor as you know in this thing is gonna train journeys when the NBA figures out they can make more money. By allowing immediate eligibility post high school them by having kids cooled their heels for a year. Once they figure out the accounting mad tracks that make that thing work financially that rules gonna change in America. A 100% not true consumer but he route doubts are from NBC sports. I tweet that out this morning is that I think somebody from the and that he wrote an article. Essentially saying like you know who now the time high school play into the geely. The way up the point I think he's like no not yeah. So you you know you can play in front of you know all of our audience of tens of millions of people on the entry turn that you can play. I you know first got to really glad Strobl all the stuff that we've already talked about. You can play in front of 250 people that Jim in Reno and the like. Street. I mean people like now. Now look at only the NBA dug this right and I don't know they'll be able to you know looked at geely is going to be actual amputee I'm sure. That there are working on thirteen to get to play and that leads the high school is blatantly so they can get a CD context they can monetize it. The point you make it to the right now. All the old college basketball. That I still believe that right now today February 26 or whatever days 2018. You are eight top high school play. The best way to secure brand that that's way too. On an actual ability to perform in the NBA is to go to college for one year. Deck could change six months from now that could change a year from now. But right now I still like your high school it the best way to go one years it can't ask that that you Wear and I really appreciate that tiger is always. No prompt thank you I mean.