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Monday, April 9th

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Hi I'm Brian under are you I cannot be better I got a smile for me earlier today you know why 'cause I'm happy to be alive that's why. Angry at things I. Well I India did there's a little of that but I think anger is. Entertaining. And July is not fulfill and and that means that I I think that that's what that's the magic of the shall. Little bit anger a lot of happiness and he makes it together and it's like a delicious chocolate shake at the South Bend chocolate factory downtown in Indianapolis. I'll take your word or America radio. I'm. Tell me about I know he's come back and forth about this and I always I always like your kind of anti authoritarian takes on college basketball the way the NCAA governs and which means the way the university's kinda govern themselves and their athletic department's. Condoleezza Rice has her committee and they're gonna make recommendations how do you fix this thing does it need to be fixed. The thing is I think everyone creating problems that don't really. Like everyone makes a big deal about one in dime per how many did a year or so. Intractable. Problem. What would genuinely. Did the issue. Of duke and yeah Kim recreation. You know. Marvin Bagley on campus for one year will irked by that. Honestly like how did that hurt college basketball. Athletics for India in anyway. I think it hurts the guys. Because they didn't get to make money in the measured that they would've if not for being. Are prohibited from entering the draft but that's not a college basketball NCAA problem that's an NBA issued. Exactly I mean that's not something that college basketball shoes is that not something that college basketball part of stroke. All that these kids got blood. The best training thank you get a really really really good like I per nine months. And by the way to make a lot of freaking money. They've got a lot of exposure in an acute got a lot of exposure and built their breath. I'm just struggling to see where anybody. Truly looted in this altitude Luke duke moved out on some money there's no question about that it. Snappy NCAA all people can get champion to go but not in the way all. And I just don't understand what college presidents like I genuinely think you can let our amber why he doesn't like the one and done. Can't describe it to you can get that he'd like to. Because he's talked consultant to the fact that he got the packet. The thing that I'm afraid of Brian is that this committee is gonna point fingers it everywhere but. The NCAA and end by again by the NCAA I mean. The people who govern the NCAA and that's the college basketball programs and athletic departments themselves. I think they're gonna blame the shoe companies and the money they spend. Prior to the kids get on campus not take a look in the mirror. For the shoe company money that they accept which gives them a seat at the table and invites corruption on their campus. And and then they're also gonna look at the one and done roll which is they're not going to be able to effect any change. I think the true company thanks everyone that do for Lincoln. Has become the biggest like lightning ball because. Brian the Brian bone situation. A lot of situations in the FBI can't far more dependent culture cup title. Do you think magically cheating according to stop the shoe companies go away I know it's someone who became a kit. And the other effect it don't debt to the made to make. People like we need that you can't be stopped sponsoring a text ads would attract. Let me give you can't pay you back -- going to continue and that could be people you really don't want funding John fund. And the Indy deal with the shoe companies giving money to the schools here's where I got a problem that the money has become so enormous with almost twenty million dollars. Going to Michigan UCLA and quote bill bunch other schools. Dead and they're not gonna let that money. It can't talk to kitty into coming to campus can't talk decayed into committing the in the shoe companies gonna step in and they're gonna pay that kid. Tenet to do it and if you see that is a problem it's going to continue to be a problem as long as you accept shoe company money. But I I I don't think that the cult of that's not the cause and effect out there and then. They give Michigan twenty million dollars or whatever it. Michigan has may be the largest fan base in the country. It's not going away they're still gonna help Michigan tear it might not be the biggest in your two people care about that lacks. There are so people Michigan grad and a buying Michigan. It's just a reality and by the way Michigan football we're told we get more. To keep virtual jump man who's ever run out we wanna park that and the Michigan basketball program or the missed it hockey program. So indeed nineteen is trying to make this happen or Michigan they're not doing on the basketball dot org and do it on the football Sox. The reality. I think that idiot and you're right about Michigan but I think in a school like cool dole where it's sixty million dollars a year. All hurried and Elway who died the next eight maybe were two years and that deal. That's dead is primarily although rule will tell football's terrific too. But if you will tell basketball can't get the right kinda recruits departed in the finals for the elite Nader in the sweet sixteen her. However they've got their actuaries kind of figuring hey here's what we need to be able to justify that expense. Then Adidas is gonna go out and justify that expense on its own. Period actually where your coming from but purchasing one kid for a 100000 dollars. Really it's gonna change the course of any one basketball program now that's true. Should not just the cleanup and the thousands of dollars a multiple kids at. No. Doubt happy. Now Peta might guide five or six at the ear Nike might guide report five a year whatever. I mean you're not a doctor so all people picket like the number 82 ranked player in the country Nike goes we got to get. Your tax. After that. Doctor brand's snow is scheduled to act tough now beds end. Is it. Is it something that is number one you kind of can't legislate against it because how in the world are you gonna ferret out that level on corruption. And so why not do is legalize a bunch of this stuff and be done with it and stop being hypocrites and saying that you can stop you can't stop the. I have no idea what they don't do but they like to point the finger at everybody out there and out right that's been a big Angus. Don't look at opted to everybody walks. It's like nobody when you create a black market things there's going to be a black market that's the reality of how the world war. Now if there was an open market about stone not to sit want to corruption brink of there's an open market fur Brian ball. You recruit Brian Bowen to recruit at and you don't know Christian docket at the big segment. Do you get Brian bone whatever money you're allowed to offer a you sought to break off Christian docket as well yeah and so people are still can get paid that you don't want getting paid it's not the Olympic anybody being. That said like do I think it should get paid I do because I beat the money's there to pick. I did to me at the basic. All you know the money there like we can all do but. One way or another values gotta find cash. Always if you word hello let's say Condoleezza Rice who woke up 1 morning and she came across your Twitter feed. She is like you know what we need to get schooled up by this Brian snow fell from Scott dot com let's bring a man and hadn't talked to is what would you tell these people. First elected agents. It would start that they don't. And then I would really explore how to compensate the and I know I think people some people try to make it too easy like what should I. Then you start getting into puncture an employee. There can't be eligibility restrictions because then that I understand that become legal. Because it's an employee at public institutions and what ever Mikey you've heard there would be like Little League locality issues involved with. Academic eligibility. And things of that nature guy so I don't know how you get around that part of but I think that's what they need to discuss this probably complicate the players. We need to get them. Agent and then you know rights to market themselves. Like I don't see how it and people are like all but then western Kentucky won't be able to compete with Kentucky recruit. Now right. And Ed we can look around camp how many athletes. In the city of Indianapolis at local endorsement deal has not met and by the way of gonna go to. I yield. Yet a couple kids might get a small endorsement deal. But guess what that company still gonna want to enter a lot even know we can pro football or you know electoral with people or the pro athlete in count. It just got built at pebble baker met a bigger visibility. At any college athlete on the what do you do about transfers. Armed. Or why don't have a crop I I've never understood why people have disliked. Emotional problem we're trying to turn that wants to transfer it to transfer right I mean. Not my best friend Trent Turkey he wasn't on the football or basketball player no one but up and aren't about. Our own. So don't get too fired up about it a home. You think I article should they be eligible immediately regardless of class. If the coach to lead I didn't think any antique it should be able. And that includes firing the coach or the coach leaving aren't as a. You start talking to wonder sit out I don't have too much of a problem with that if a coach days and every been there. I didn't picket the coach surgical can change of any current and a coaching change any card a kid should be allowed to the without Pavel. And what's coming up in central Indiana former recruiting respect a lot PB you know ten years ago nobody went to these tournaments he just sit alone and in Jim. You with the parents and like such a bunch of coaches. But a lot of people now are going to these events at what events in central Indiana do we have to look forward to. You know that's upcoming weekend and is the smaller bank kind of warm up it's called the Indy ball. Got a few of the top players in the state and then not. You know in two weeks so whatever that twenty murder. I don't want what I would be twentieth whatever. Indeed it has their regional gauntlet so all the topic Pete at mid west teens will be into sound and the weakened following. Nike has thirty YBL. Up in Westfield and now under armour has there circuit in fishers and I think and you could see a lot of the top player in the country into combat weaker. Talking to Brian snow is Scott dot com do you go about the process I know scab does but I don't know whether you do it a ranking guys. Oh you're playing firmware and bought you to decide whose fiftieth or seventieth. You know I mean how do you compare guys that far down. Between one another and then assign them that number. I don't you know we just start up that one and keep going down the list you. And eat you go additionally that your director point guard turned Q combo guard your small or the federal. And then you go one on down left and he's an article did try to put it together in the way you feel bad. Star what kind of college basketball player you take Romeo Langford is gonna be regardless of where he goes. I do we really got when I think he's going to be an instant impact scorer on also defend. And eat each it's going to be a high level player who makes a big impact the new one near camp. That's an it is it's going to be one year. I don't think there's any doubt about. You very much for coming on the show O'Brien your terrific. Nike is bedside the great Brian snow. From scout dot com does a great job IAE he thinks about college basketball and or the Cincinnati Reds. Virtually every moment he's way or or recruiting and and that kind of thing and always a really good Smart opinion. And they are great follow on Twitter I enjoy him on Twitter you wanna get sideways with me and I got no problem with that he is at peace no. 247. And he would find always work at 24 sevenths sports.