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The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, December 4th

Jeremiah Johnson on the Pacers


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One guy who rarely sets because he's hustle and all over the place to try to get. The best side in the best stories as he covers the sidelines. For fox sports Indiana during pacer games the great Jeremiah Johnson he joins us I don't JJ. Yet I was thinking about outstanding the whole game just this honor is that I don't make more energetic it's not called the Michael. All that. You know you get used to it. Felt earlier this show. Nice they sit on the court. So. Baseline expanded about three feet into it cross legged and end and cause some kind of spectacle. That'd be a night. You that are listening I did shape of forwards in the game so incher well right line fashion I'll be good to go to. Orman and optimum level. Very very nice we expect nothing less. I'm Chris obscures Vegas is he gonna be ready to department optimum level. Yeah he's actually not even with the team needed a New York as well as. And Hardaway junior so the pacers do get a little bit of a break in this game that porting it to let a career high forty points. Back in November when the next where would come from down nineteen to defeat the pacers will not be here. It takes somebody had marquee value off of the game is porting it adding. I am so those were the practice to mention in the face are very entertaining back. Think it was left home did not play yesterday against the magic and will not play and I doubt if you take advantage of the opportunity. Well it's a great time then to end this two game losing streak. I'm feeling bad about the two game losing streak both really really good teams on the road. You hope that maybe you could find a way to win that game at Toronto the existing game was going to be tough I don't worry about these two games steals. Thank you I think back there a couple different times in the more group game together they are you really need to go green to work to you know doing water and couple weeks gutter the stretch drive that I think they need to go to a Q and included the road back to back with Miami Orlando and there wit or ally that included the game against meant that that development that will better than that in that stretch a game after Thanksgiving. Four of five opponents are currently top five powering eighteen in the NBA so I dictated time not that you two and three wouldn't median of the world and that's. Exactly where they've finished the picked up a win against trot home and beat the magic and you're cute then don't come close to them right now you almost forget that one and at Toronto to lose by five early if they'd finished and shot around about it in my won that game so. I would agree with you that there any decent spot right now well and eleven considering the knuckle quite. Targeted Jeremiah Johnson fox sports Indiana hill beyond the pregame the post game sidelines during the game tonight. It came time at bankers life field house. 7 o'clock. Seoul did it. Oh look the knicks got big it is dead those the only two guys I know that they have you got a Mercedes he got Tim Hardaway junior we got to worry about tonight. Secret thing and that's the question allied Nate McMillan and it can't dirt someone there who storyline when you compare the eighteen that. Some would say both got better by trading at star player to that bunkered cantor someone who come over. From Oklahoma City and it made a good impact and really hurt the pacers and it. Back in November match where art and you also all your own. When you pick of the Indian high school products in the NBA not the first or second named compromise but he put together. A really nice birdied the only member the next who started every single game. Not lash. Out and I. That. And I got brought back curtain really struggle that aid and yet to gain. Some pressure and connect flat. Perhaps among all guys try to step up and. In day out what to go back to the Toronto games for a minute because. Fred Sainz fleet I didn't think it was going to be that go to trial. And did so I watched him at Wichita State and it's not out yet all are right mental man was he good. Out after credit. Card and it illegal are really young player got a little. Can and I think pack or whoever talked about during the balance as early. That ought to ought to. Have furcal on the orange and only. Their decision to let court just and then at someone like bin. Had been at. The greater because I really like Cory just I think got a job. Back are a also I think as well action and what happened moving forward robberies and Rosenthal are. Guys that got. There. This tonight at this it out include the nets game the first game after the six game homestand. You've got the knicks tonight that the balls and the cavs nuggets. Thunder that'll be a fun one Detroit Brooklyn I'd do is read breaking you said. As we breakdown the season ended chance I'll break it down into the seventh game chock eyed the pacers have a chance to win five of those games. Got up and yeah. I don't think I thought. It meant that we look at it and I think it Martin here. As competitor. And like maybe a cup and will be in the Eastern Conference that the pacers need a little bit upgrade should go and eighteen. All around or. Has that or a goal and only eighteen and right now. You know. Right here between here and nine and important. At the finish. It now at an. Early. How how's the health of the pacers say did join RA move them forward right. That at all and the bear and route in the air I'll turn it already want. French Open and then you don't want you probably order all. I could knock on wood and an open space ballots. Thank you JJ appreciate it. August. I. Are you thank you it's.