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Monday, November 20th

Jeremiah Johnson on the Pacers


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Jeremiah Johnson. A fox sports Indiana is how you do a JJ. Get although a little disappointed November 20 visit our final visit to Assange is believed. Already to Miami game didn't say you're going play Orlando want this peace until that you can use one of these trips in January error December February but. Enjoy a lawyer here I get. You'll forgive me if I don't weep for you. Albeit LA at different points in a winner target that'll make up for so what my favorite parts of what's in the paces broadcasters after pacers win. You seem like your heaven more fun than anybody in the bills. That well great talent I have money in no matter what this is a great job I have to try to suck every single bit and just watch and it seems. At least some of the way they've done it with some of these wins now certainly there have been some. Irons in game they've let get away a bit especially just recently and in the way they actually dominated. The second African in my opinion in the way they came from high against but it indistinct sterility go after it and said that he feels like the team has been every kind of game already and I think that. Game would get a minute April 1 because of and just dominate the way they did making a close and not so close it's been fun to watch. We saw that from the first of the year I think that went and how much on the air and watching a store I go. On the Streeter just you know restaurants are different places people tell you are joint locked and secured it on the joint government. You know this has NA it's been a wonderful surprise hasn't it I don't think anybody expected nine and eight and up hopefully tonight ten and eight and and get a lot of these a lot of these you know at night after night deals. Out of the way it is an event benefit the pacers down the road everything just looks really it looks like they did militants having more fun. This season that he had last season until. Yeah I think named Melanie is comparable to eat pretty much do what they want and what he wants in the guise or. Instructions. Are way in I think it missed a lot of I've observed a lot of pop into these positions in the huddle during the course of this season he's an. I'm there were some talking but it was a little bit misplayed this thank you Steven talking down. This certain players and I think acting different guys at different points. Now even before they've been known to down you can't just a few things and ever one is it listening and and we may get a chance to talk. What really lifting up sometimes it's a similar message about you know keep your man in front of UN. Getting back on defense in the second shot a year that a lot. I think there really listening and obviously when you win some games that. To be some would say you shouldn't it it certainly helps things typically get to witness against Orlando and beat and made eighteen a lot of those first eighteen on the road and this is the active active areas and try not to at least one active access. This school really evened out for the pictures that they can just about where they are gamer to about 500. C ended December it its early positive start. A decade against the pistons not to delve back and ancient history but over the weekend they played at bankers life field house are down 22. And it looks like they're dead meat all of a sudden with the Lance kind of coming in providing some steam that team catches fire and they went by south. You are watching that one or court I thought it early deep at that mindset where you're not going to let team loses to start the fourth quarter. You saw a combination on the floor were deterred bush on stayed in the game and they did not take a break and then you had. Let it in Korea and Tomas on the floor and group stayed together and we saw that same group in the fourth quarter it didn't start it. And away and even then it's an experience that something you almost have to be to believe and I think even. People that have been in shallow litter the clippers are meant this obscenely at helping to even understand it only a lane Stephenson. With the pacers experienced this name before it began. Yesterday that they have you ever been. Around a place they can energize a crowd quite lightly at that he even out what you that now. I mean look at what he does is amazing but. Ever come at made about land he's quit this. You want. Beyond both bands that you saw on both been in play usable stay on the or promote four quarters. Like the pictures don't get into the playoffs last year when it doesn't enjoyment with six and to play it. They don't be dependent on Friday leaders hope there are many more Lance moment in the state becomes. And as much as we like miles charter on the offensive end and he was terrific last night with 45 points it's on the defensive end that I think he's. He's really really good he's a stretch five who's also a rim protector and there aren't that many of those guys in the NBA. I straight games with three blocked and want to meet the minimum didn't play requirement evil. Number one in the NBA in blocked shot so. The talk about Belmont development and people were first a little bit at times miles was easing back into things offensively. You have both those guys and I think we've seen some were they played together but if you have where one evident on the fourth all times. Sometimes be it mildly get the backup center sometimes it's still plot against the second Unix they can really. Do condemn Israel about offensively and defensively and just projected for a few years I mean those Decker boat 41 year older than a number eleven taken back to back out. And with what they already are able to do now in second and third seed and think about connector foresees in its bright future for the picture front court. And eventually. They're both gonna play together they're both gonna start together there's no way either of these guys is ever gonna be on the bench for an extended period of time. Once we get past this year end and they both kind of solidified their roles on this team. Agree with that but I think you just have to take a little bit slowly and when we go to a little bit of Duluth Inkster I think they've lost zero weeks ago. It's wrong wanted to change the starting lineup and they wanted Chase Bank in. It credit he said mile turn to our starting center didn't have time to get back in the blood bank it out last night. Related pictures only placed named rotations so. Your plan about a year maybe eight and a half dying guy you'd need those three guys off the bench are gonna play enough that it doesn't really matter who is starting in. And they're all gonna get significant amount to mask and so. You got to understand that that young had a pretty big role on this you know as well. According for your quick reference that you think smile is really technically more important mosque is more of five so you can see down the line. Don't mock plan more on the inside miles more on his outside meant to play well together. Last night it hit you mentioned an eight man rotation but really nobody played I don't think anybody played Morton 34 minutes and it's kind of been the way this team's operated. You see other teams where they got guys and I've I've watched odd the thunder. Over the last few games pulled George's plane 4243. Minutes. The pacers guys are playing you know thirty to 34 regularly and that's gonna pay dividends on a night like tonight especially. Yeah. Interested to see it may be GO younger Damien Wilkins get a chance in the regular rotation it even. With the same man rotation is due to an older heavy eight it's not like there's a big drop off between the sickness in terms of miss it. And second the back to back I do think over time it's neat. A little bit more minutes from some of the guys that maybe in the rotation right now. The Boston red even as we seek to make didn't students and I if you are in the rotation let them. Pitches to this could be tonight you are now really what what happened but Tom I think they'd do a really good job and I think he's really good job as well not being. You can flexible with his comments agencies cannot and does it plan well. Keep them out there and act gives guided them to play hard to go a long break and when they're tired. We'll get a little bit of a break but those top eight to take your dad six in double figures I think in each of the last three and really make it difficult to defend. And not to read up on Frank Vogel who you're gonna see night we all love Frank Vogel but man frank seemed like he was. Pretty regimented in the way he used his guys and a guy can be hot. He is still coming out it didn't make it like I remember Luis Scola. A couple of times knocking down shot after shot after shot after three minutes four minutes out he came because that was kind of the way it was written down date not Dylan that. Slowly I think that's one of the things that need credit and maybe even change from this season. From lackeys and we've seen a little more flexibility we've seen different lineup combinations and really think that group that you saw it start the fourth quarter and beat a lot and to Detroit and where it dome mosque. And on Kerkorian. And Lance and record together really had a pretty good chemistry so I think we'll see that a little bit more and then we're excited. There's another unknown combination that could work it and it'll give those guys a chance to blow up. I'll tell you what Cory Joseph. I thought he was terrific with Toronto I know that he was gonna eight get all back up point guards have come here and really not done too much is it. You know but Cory Joseph is Bangkok revelation. Yeah I think about a week ago like we did that I have probably much cops and have pictures backup point guard now that I have in recent memory someone tweeted back may be sent out is that the tactics. How accurate and I think that he was working on in the off season remembers sitting down the first document in the immediate it. Tight shooting he said that if there's one thing you worked on the hot seat any say it was a shooting and he said he changed his forming a little bit of the kitchen so. He was working on that will ease or four in the NBA right now on three point shooting percentage. And really in the pit and Gagnon and her so many different heroes but when he came Dan. The defensive intensity really increasingly. Brought Sergio over the war but you really saw Korea extending. And pressuring the Detroit guard and out of the difference maker so. I like immortal right that would that brings a combination in the front court with it and Belmont and mild to multiply combination. In the backcourt with Victor inquiry. And and instantly its plan to Adrian really all over the floor so I like maybe rotation I would like to those seem to be another dire QB on the door and mixes well. Targeted Jeremiah Johnson from fox sports Indiana hill beyond. It ill have the pregame and and the post game and sideline stuff during the game on fox sports Indiana. Magic pacers tonight 7 o'clock what Laura thank TJ at least. Last night. Like mop up minutes but really really productive mop up minutes kid like seven points in about the Blake overnight he shows himself. To be potentially an offensive. Ed Ed just a huge plus for this team. What's he gets the body to be a good defender. David thanks out of it and the day after he was drafted the press conferences. And on accurate with Kevin Pritchard learning computer than with Deion. Well it's been since the tokens are all guilty and offensively you have to work on the defense and that's what we've seen over the first month. Sort of thing would keep peace he's so competent offensively that you can put men in a situation not be afraid at the moment will be to form. But the more the same thing at apple comedy at least you know what so many rookies around the NBA and and what William makes it harder when they come into the game in the opposing coaches normal. Play to go right that incident Stevenson and the anger that any kind of thing defensively but it almost a target right would make it and so. Building strength will be key but he is someone that can come candidate Unita shot. You can be competent yet and then playing ball game meeting comes in these open he'll try to knock it down. Nice did you appreciate it have a difficult night. Everybody giving her a happy Thanksgiving deal.