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The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, November 10th

Indiana University Athletic Director Fred Glass


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Sat down and sterling shows CBS sports or 38 cents for Colin inaudible. Which is my prerogative we'll talk to Ryan Osborne a little bit later in the show and welcome to the show of the greats Fred glass athletic director. Here at Indiana University how you doing an excellent welcome to in university in the Cubans and it's this is unbelievable. This is so like the acoustics in here are just wonderful I don't think that the stage that we couldn't put one of these panels I don't think. Well placed in the mark cubism. And now we we really are proud of it can't solely agree across the way it is. Green room three of these that we do lottery cools off well. But it most important gathering place for the best and brightest on campus you know the kids in no fuel the stuff crank out amazing. Videos and and and other product that you know helps us compete. Did you ever hear this story about how Cuban. Kinda gets started in the digital audio realm companies. With audio dot com and what he and his friends wanted to do when they lived in Dallas it was hit yeah yeah yeah so he called Tom Severino. And it right outside my office and in Thomson this guy Mark Cuban he wants. You know he wants the digital rights to the games what do you think. And it is now. Well sure you know it was just good branding iron eight what did we have the blues and then he figured it out and he did at times however many programs he talked to. Smart Smart and we all think oh. I want that. But we don't see it his business he sought his business. He says he sees around corners instilled you know and in addition to. His financial gift being great eased as the huge canceled for offs and hopes and NC people who would otherwise the and that a lot of people. That have payments technology they want. Haven't used it basically for free because it's it's brand like yeah this is being used Cubans that are which you know it's self serving I think it's. It's the statin class in terms includes Netflix or countries so it's really making a big difference is brings kind of on cluttered in it he's like brilliant. But it's not a cluttered brain he he thinks with focus. In in can change of focus like Dan say it's a wonderful gift you know he's he's amazing it's about talk and and and you know we've talked to him. About the a fan experience that they produce maverick games and and like a lot these entrepreneurial type guys. No details too small so they think about where's the trash can bathroom house at the world open. It is very. Different points of sale fan experience so we've actually toured. Oh what the mavs do down there brought so that appears on all. You broke ground today on another new facility you guys hear you guys are build like crazy. No we get some cats and not to do and I think part of you know what what what what we need do is modernize our facilities. I think coach gene is by far away the most important predictor of athletic success with facilities next. And again we've we had we had some work to do a lot of it didn't look much different than when I walk here night in one. So today was breaking ground Wilkinson hall it'll be multi use facility. All of our student athletes consistently 24 sports when team approach will be trained in there. But it'll be taken competition venue for volleyball wrestling. And bring the final sports that we can bring on its campus on its campus but no longer overtime in the buy pass which can't find compass and a Bloodhound you know. So this'll put an actress Ellen and and Foster and I the only good thing for student life right so yeah it's can come. And go to games and the Big Ten is a very tough. Conference and both Russ and volleyball. I think this'll help as he Morton you know it's remarkable about the construction that's gone on here whether it's close and up the north and in the end zone aura of the renovation of Simon's got assembly hall or whatever happened. Part Kauffman Stadium same thing. Is that they look like they've always been here you know that's the thing and I I came in from the south end of assembly hall today. And saw the the sculptures. And in the stuff in in in the south entrance the pavilion with those dispatches and stuff. And to me it just looks like assembly hall. Which is I I know that that was the game bud you know he had. Well I really appreciate hearing that because when you mess with Mecca. You know you don't wanna mess that up I think a lot of people work. Skeptical I was nervous you know because I wanted to preserve. The essence of assembly hall I've been going to my entire life. But pre and up to speed so that it adds in the modern amenities. And and it attractions that the modern fan expects and and for recruits. Expect an end and we took a lot of time on on the tail to try to make sure. That we did all the things we need to do to bring it to bring that kept the essence. Of assembly hall that space there are a whole new building on itself and I think it flows the old way finding. Signs. Yeah old things from seminal floor. And the the field trophy cases. I want to feel like you know when I walk in any high school in south where high school hours and cradled jam packed house. Andy's smelled a popcorn and shake off the coal legal and that and that the basket balls are bouncing and shoes squeak and you know that's what and one half years and all. Let's talk about football it's talked about basketball Tom Ellen's first season. It close but no cigar in some games. That were against Iran is has got to be the toughest. Big Ten schedule that anybody's ever played through six games. I think is Canon look at it again bill Poland always said you know whatever your record is Israel yell and so I'm not here to make excuses my favorite things capitalists say is. Statistics are for losers and assistant to him so why I get all that but the reality is we probably are playing in the toughest schedule have played the toughest schedule in the Big Ten and I would say the country I mean. Our crossover games Wisconsin Africa it's so yeah we're playing you know five. You know top quality. You know top five Major League nationally ranked teams and and and and by and large and in all of those games probably should won a couple of them anyway. So. You know I don't they could step back and need to see progress. It's it's it's two sides of the same coin right as frustrating. As it is to be that close tonight. It's it's it's somewhat encouraging to against those teams so we need to close out strong. I think the guys have earned the opportunity. To be playing for bowl eligibility that Virginia road win. You know downs large those guys played very very well to better. Victory in in the rearview mirrors and then people would. Of thoughts of winning that game on the road basically breakthrough opportunities. Are still there to close out a season with three wins the first time since 1945. Ago winnable game for the first time in three decades. And so we'll CO plays out but we feel like we've got a lot of football player in the bucket game could be between IU and Purdue both. Five and six. And fine for bowl eligibility that a deal on on the a lot of fun and if we we would win be the first time we went five and wrote in the history of the trophies so. There's a lot to play for. And a lot of firsts that have multiple decades if we're able to you know it's Wednesday the other bit of the other goes what do you think it I mean Archie Miller is undefeated right so in on the complain about but house Archie Miller kind of assimilated to the Indiana University athletic culture. Mean he's awesome I think look I'm you know you might imagine you'd hear that from him time I'm biased. He just wears very well you know he's he's he's straight shooting. You know it really is about just coach and team. About basketball. Folks on basketball. Tolerate and supports the other stuff. But it's about basketball and that's what I want and I guess what Hoosier fans you know really. That's kind of our heritage it is our as our heritage and you know made out of bed and born with and a the confines of our state boundaries. But he says Pittsburgh middle America. Lunch bucket. You know. Guy who played the game and he brings a lot of credibility as a player yeah. He coaches them like he wanted to be coached they create incredibly players. Millions suffering fuels political nonsense. But he but does this and other positive. Content so so I'm I'm really excited. You know I don't think he's got a magic want these in the coming here and and will suddenly be some that we can the right program played really really hard as we as we as we always have. We're playing really really good defense. Workers take care of the ball and were over and play up tempo on offense which are fans alike I think workers. Let me ask you about what's gone on with college basketball in the macro not here. But other places with indictments and all of that stuff and my positions since all this news broke. Was that this stuff has happened always we still enjoy watching college basketball. I would never be an advocate for cheating it shouldn't exist people shouldn't do it but it is in no way shape or form gonna get between me and my enjoyment of this game. Did you think we're headed could this take it's in a correct direction or is this even. In a global. Perspective is it's a problem. Well I think it's at flea problem I I I agree with your pro. And us that to one extent or another. The stuff on on yet and so back in the day it might have been shoe boxes full of laundering money. On the like a lot of things live the Internet and and more money in the system. And all that that that that that that sort of unimportant. You know few bucks in the shoe box. Has become you know hundreds of thousands of dollars to. You know families and and and and and and MBO. Leagues and summer stuff and all that stuff saudis I think it's really really bad. And I always. Heard about it but I could with a grain of salt in my despite a sort of just really didn't believe it and some have wondered if that was so much of excuse for not getting the kids. But now I think we all find out that that that. Where there was smoke there was fire yeah and and it and it really was going on and it really is going on he's really really bad for college basketball. I think it's good to clean it up. I think in the short run into the gears will grind it'll be hard but we come out on the other side of this with a cleaner game. I think you'll spend. Worth it and when I was in government policy trees to say a crisis is a terrible thing to waste out and and and I just hope. We have the political will Mueller talked about this for. Two. Take the set of circumstances. And make some things that'll really changed not to make us feel better or cosmetically. They're really really changed the game. You know you get a trio cleaner pure right or my favorite sport possible time though and I think is back to your point a little bit. It was a north Dallas forty yeah I love the movie title of the book and I love the part. I forget that the the main guy in it Nick Nolte I think that yes film and any gas via. Tom Landry character. I was good and there's all the stuff going on all the citizens of you as I was good when I these hands are good weren't there and in the homeland here Zia. And and then that their whole point was the only real thing about the game was thinking yeah you know so I hope this other stuff gets cleaned up but it's a fantastic game and I'm really excited the upcoming season. What do you think about academic eligibility is that best managed by the NCAA or the schools themselves or conferences. It seems like a lot on the plate of the NCAA in it they can't enforce it likely North Carolina. What you'd do if you want I I don't understand without any meaningful consequence what do they do. You know as an incredibly. Complicated question now because certain aspects of it I think ought to be left. The institutions Leo please themselves. And and and missions say this but I will but can you trust him. Well one. You know I think you're gonna be remembered all based on self reporting need to be able yah sure right and and I also think if if the kid. Acute it's that needs. Them he plots and and and you know there. Windows away. Let's stay that way there's there's there's obligations of making great progress toward degree I think that that stuff that's left the schools so. Things are adamant that ultimately stuff on schools in North Carolina situation is extremely frustrating to me. The NCAA found as a violation staff right committee on infractions. Let it pass I think essentially because. All these kids in these courses right so you know the fraternity guys knew about it in the sorority knew about it and and so since it was limited to student athletes it was a special benefit. Student athletes in with my lawyer and it. With my normal person on Michael via its own right because 47% accuse those classes. Worked student athletes and they won championships. With kids were staying eligible by taking institutionally. In firm. Class and that's wrong you know so. I I don't know where that where that all comes out I think there's thinkers are a role. A instigate it to monitor that. But I do think probably most of those academic. Ultimately decisions progress toward Greer about a slow that you know and if that thing that this is how cynical I become may be just about North Carolina. Is that 47% to an interesting number because it's just less than half. And they could say the majority of the kids you know they added that to cynical way to look at this whole thing I don't like being cynical you know. Why do you know that I I I I don't. I do think that that's probably happenstance but that because you know I think the university. In of this was going on it was a rogue. You know. Department chair in two or three people did this whole thing to. North Carolina and and and and that base unsympathetic and our lines that institution yeah. How often. Does a university it held to account. Because of the acts of one or two people in athletics. And I don't know why that river and flowed away Yahoo! yet to retrieve people don't really bad stuff university. Yet the athletic department in some bystanders right it's not an. I've that frustrates me well I'm looking for a big game tonight and congratulations. Here's what I like. A lot of Indiana playing against in state schools and non conference stuff I just think it's great. Well great tribute to argue with that I think you know when his things coming in was beefed up schedule. Oh and up with a really good Indians yup team has already played two Big Ten teams. And media. You know a lot more than we almost organ for but I think it's great the sycamores come and then and you know there electorate went from off so. That's oil I need to. Perfect thanks Fred appreciate it thanks Kent they threaten me down here I appreciated his interest is swanky.