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The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, November 9th

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Tomorrow game day yeah Archie Miller Arabic instead of Bloomington and Simon's got assembly hall were going to be down there doing the show. We welcome the visit to the shall I pick we had you want a couple years ago drawn when you sign your letter of intent. Out in Colorado the great run Davis I don't. Very very well I'm terrific what do you remember about your commitment today when he signed your letter of intent. Of a member of the very tired and they. Very relief for Barry knows happy decided to copy to you know get doubles or so it was good good. Was it a did you feel like okay this is my rule war. For all those hours of work or did you think well I'm glad this is out of the way Andy and now I can just start preparing to played Indiana. Dollar all of very humble about it Jewish group beats. You know very true you know accuse. I'll. Also be achieved unity don't just. Just dominated really good but he's while reading a lot of work and well acute. So between you know Simon letter potentially you know Chrysler and local college freshmen are you so very blessed. And I know you've been working hard in the off season and when I talked to people out of Bloomington with a programmer just outside the program. They talked about how you've changed your body and how you become kind of a different style athlete tell me about that and in talk about how you've improved. Wolf you know your coach could put a lot of hard work during the summer. You know. Still a lot of our skill position of developing by the explosiveness. Must be my just my power prominently rent goal of course shall. There's there's really big that we just. The might just change the militant longer minutes so much is so there you all caught on you know when you're actually people that are being recovered as well coached up so. You know my game and as a whole was just better. As you've practiced and it is you run against the guys you know Aziz scrimmage and whatnot. Do you feel that do you feel like holy Moses I am a different basketball player I am much better. Yes do you what are there you're on in the practice or do you know. Will salute you know it's less so in Puget BP I was last year so that would invoke. So little corner and I could eliminate legal. I'm never last year after struggling and Larry. I believe it took over. Number light. On this bill by producing electric mode not player and you've just just here trying to get better. My achievement. Adieu let's talk about your your teammates and how they how they've improved who's taken a big glee club who do you think fans are gonna look at tomorrow night when you guys. Match up against Indiana's state and they're gonna say med damn mad at that kid has made leaps and bounds improvement over where it was last year. All of our local team has the vote tremendously. Calm and hard to pick out one player. Our home I'm boggled my class and class well. Sergio exceeded acute treatment plant Thomas after that it well he gamecube so. Kansas so right in the heat yet the bigger role this year and not elect people who really get to see what he did well and he and the glow this year. Our estimate you guys a little bit. Only only down a good got to try to eleventh in the picture in Lambeau. Greens are RC regardless last year. Absolutely we have good players Graham and coach's status that's the planet so different beast so also elect is you know what the team. A mile and you look at the planet are inter American oil first so. What is unique about the way that Archie Miller and his staff lead you guys. You meet our murder. How is it different. I mean. I think. Go to north pleasant things that he does with. Between war that we gave this informant awards and in the heat's game. And he says is that team a wins is the most wars when McCain. Saw late that it does. They Parcells ever being so. So Carl you guys you guys look at the game he looks at the game. You go from like twenty minutes left in the first half to ten in the final ten minutes of the first half and he'd do that again in the second half. And if you win all those awards. Then you're gonna win that game. It's nice how weird is it going to be playing a couple Big Ten games really early in the season when normally you guys to be planned. You know like Texas southern and end you don't northern Kentucky. Our home on May hit moved to a different picture about that actually America in the truck or regard these. Up so early and or sister single. All of beat their early in the season so what are carved out of it and let them this season that look Forward Air historical for the yanks. Targeted Ron Davis is gonna be on the floor tomorrow night for Indiana's they take on Indiana State will be down there as well. Our our you'll goal oriented guy Jauron. Oh yeah item on the Russell what's in the brutal cold are about alike you know. I ever released Federer on the scene utopian goal let's go. To vote there will put some monarch and goes to come out. You know to people like with a bank. Is it is it difficult. And this I mean no like disrespect to Indiana State but is it typical coming right out of the shoot you played team like Indiana State. Where you've got really not so much the wind but everything to lose again Alex it's not like coming out of coming out of the shoot played against Kansas or somebody's a tough to get up for game like Indiana State. Yeah in dollars not though you know that respect the game on the balloon put right. And about hopefully you know. We just looking that you know shall we start talent to play that they look constructive patella so. Overall. I'll. Overwrought so I know in their physical basketball and varied that well earned no there there but also don't say oh. Let me ask you about defense because the defense has changed hasn't it from Tom crane to Archie Miller this pack line defense. Is it like this is a simple defense it's so simple that I understand how packed Klein worked. It does that help you guys executed. Yes in the country street support tremendously. Me I'm though I mean the quote we played soccer practice I have no word negro life and I think it took the middle of with regard collapse on the they'll get Al. Let these people out in. That allows the car really ticked away you know kick dirty. And so. Are you six games. Although we did do that you will will be watched from the pre download our double up were all within a couple doors over the last week trying to told the told a little hole to get the cabinet feature. I'll overall that's a little bit between accused thirteen bomb is really like is really like like. Either we go help so. Couldn't distressing news superb piece or most of my eye strain that don't worry archer America let Egypt and people are at your pants extra that you are also the car car boat. You would have hoped no matter where you go. This really interesting to be see you guys get to it knuckled PGA do you learn how to play in this make so much sense. You guys not only learn how to play it what you learn how to play against it in by learning how to play against it you realize how effective it is. There while that interest and good. Eight good luck tomorrow night great catch up with it drawn thanks for taking the time. Ordered her recruiter that's drawn Davis.