Colts Fans Relax...Enjoy Chris Ballard's first Coaching Search

The Kent Sterling Show
January 12, 2018 - 12:00 pm

Don’t get bent out of shape over Colts GM Chris Ballard taking his sweet time in hiring the right coach.  Relax.  Everything is going exactly how Ballard said it would when he and Jim Irsay met the media on New Year’s Day.


The bait wafting past Colts fans this morning is the report Matt Rhule has told the Colts he is withdrawing his name from consideration as a candidate for the gig. 


In news almost as shocking, I will not be Matt Lauer’s replacement as the host of the Today Show.


Bite, and the hook will set deep.  Stay away from cynicism and paranoia until there is reason to embrace it.


As Rhule announced his intention to return to Baylor, he did what every employed candidate does when passed over for a better job - claim the high ground.  “I love Baylor!”  Yeah, right.  Rhule would have crawled backwards over broken glass for the Colts job. 


If you listen to Bears fans, they will claim GM Ryan Pace hired former Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy out from under a Colts offer.  Nope.  No offer was on the table from the Colts, and regardless of what people in Chicago think, the Colts job is better than running the Bears.  If you don’t believe me, ask Lovie Smith, Marc Trestman, or John Fox - three guys who’ve been blown out since the last time the Colts went looking for a new coach.


Ballard is going to get his guy.  Will there be both good and bad to mull over when he is introduced?  Of course.  No one is perfect.  Just as with Nagy, the guy with whom Bears fans are enthralled, there will be some darkness to ponder.  Nagy’s inability to scheme to score in the second half of a playoff game the Chiefs led 21-3 at halftime would be a good place for Bears fans to start.


Will it be Josh McDaniels, Mike Vrabel, Dave Toub, or Kris Richard?  We’ll see.  Maybe there is a joker in the deck.  When we find out, we can do some vetting ourselves. 


And until the big reveal, fans just continue to trust a GM who as yet has given them no reason to doubt his veracity or ability.

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